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To find the beauty of the imperfections and the elegance of the mystery among the most relevant in tune with our aesthetics, this is the big challenge for Francisco Segarra´s blog. The Fitz, catches our attention, mix concept of barbershop and cocktail bar.

The Fitz.

Abandoned buildings hold an amazing potential for imagination and overwhelmed feelings, they are a sanctuary of calmness, were you can contemplate the transience of life from a different perspective, it allows to get a glimpse into its past existence, knowing for a fact there is a story behind.

Decadent inspiration for interior design.

Pantone Institute of Colour, just revealed what tones denominated Greenery, Reference Pantone 15-03043, Selected by the group of experts that each year after numerous sociologic and cultural studies, dictate the reference colour.

Pantonce Colour 2017

For that comes into play the Branding and the brand strategy. A functional space, coherent and identifying with the brand that boosts profit of the business and the return of the investment in the implementation of the business.

Graffiti murals for interior decoration

Cult place for all the hungry souls and devotees of the American style barbecue, cooked with dedication, in low temperature to release the juices of the meat and bring up the flavours of the meat and enhance the authentic flavour.

Interior design BBQ restaurant.

The positioning of booth seats will influence so much in the perception and the segmentation of a space. A booth seat along the whole wall with individual tables and chairs in the frontal area is a flexible option for big groups.

Booth seating.

The aesthetics of New York lofts passion that captivate, those enchanting lofts of the 50´s that proliferated in the hoods of Tribeca or Soho and that they will set the bases of what is now called the Industrial style.

Lev Lugovskoy

With an industrial environment, the space counts with certain interventions with Steampunk style, where the criteria to follow was the equilibrium among the composite industrial elements in an elegant environment.

Victoria Brown