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New furniture and accessories collection that bet on making trend this 2016/17


Inclination or natural preference that a person has towards one determined thing.

Idea or tendency, specially of religious, political or artistic, origin that are oriented to a determined direction.

Simple definition for a influent and persuasive term that innumerable factors act upon. Because far from suggesting something random, the trends nourish fundamentally from fine arts, communication media and subculture.

The panorama of the social analysis, the economic facts, psychologies, politics, the innovations in the industry and technology, among others, give information, that lets sociologists, psychologist, publishers, designers and experts in marketing, the realization of a hard and exhaustive previous study, to elucidate the trends in short and long term.

The conclusions should be known with a space in time convenient for the assessment part of the companies and especially those that opt for the application of the trends and its business strategy. Since this will influence in the new projects, collections, or products to market.

Since the IVACE, Valencian institute of competitive business talks about this information, supposes the company has to have the capacity to adapt as fast as possible to the trends and with that it will raise its competitive level , also is very useful to anticipate to the changes in the surroundings and participate in the creation of trends.

The key is in not to consider the trends like absolute and immutable laws, instead the interpretation and adaptation to a different project.

Our furniture and decoration firm of Francisco Segarra, occasionally agnostic in relation to trends, stands in the believe that the success comes to the pieces with soul and personality; articles and inedited concepts.

Trend 2016/2017 in interior decorations.

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The information about decorative trends in the web, occasionally  are confused and scarce, the professionals use referents in specialized press and web, being useful to the given information by cool hunters or trend hunters, capable of detecting the latest emerging in the society.

The professional fairs are also a usual source and conclusive about the new trends, ideal to feel the most innovative in design as a previous step before putting it in the market.

What some have denominated the ¨Renewed Vintage¨ the Nordic feel, the well cared decorations, straight lines and metallic tones; gold, copper, bronze and brass, they conceived as decorative trends, as for what is left of the year, according to trusted studies.

Trends, gold, contract fs furniture

¨Renewed Vintage¨ is not something that brings the new, the intention is to combine vintage pieces with more modern styles, looking in contrast in the spaces, we ask… if is not more the interest to innovate in other decorative styles to contrast with vintage and after years of trends, it reassures it because it connects with the emotional.

Going back to the ¨Renewed Vintage¨  it proposes a range of dusted colour tones, delicate and elegant like the pale rose, Beige and pure white, however, as for chromatic trends , is determined dictated by Pantone, a real authority in the colours field, like every year predicted the range of colours that dyed the fashion shows and the spaces. Rose Quartz and Serenity for this 2016, both in soft colours, belonging to a range of sweet tones, pleasant and calm.

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In Francisco Segarra we bet for the vintage aesthetic since the creation of the brand.

Vintage, term used and misunderstood, in many occasions; comes in hand with fashion and with the use of objects and clothing coming from a previous age, and this point we have to settle between vintage and vintage style.

According to Wikipedia, open encyclopaedia, multilingual and edited by collaboration. Vintage is a manifestation of the postmodern culture, product of the lost in faith in the progress and the disenchantment of the innovation motor of the modernity. Instead of looking to the future , it recurs with nostalgic feel to elements from past eras, but clueless about original meaning.

Because it gives us passion and we put our faith in vintage, we have to decide in his favour that seduces, because it plays with the mystery of the unknown and the enigmatic pieces from an unknown era for most, if we count with vintage pieces in relation to decoration, involves all the furniture and original accessories to years before the 90´s, highlighting those between 20´s and 70´s.

In other sense, the furniture of vintage style refers to actual creation that imitates the design style of different eras.

Our FS furniture firm counts with a line of furniture and vintage accessories, original and peculiar pieces, objects of desire coming from heritages and acquisitions to the public or dismantling of shops and businesses that mark the difference in the decoration of spaces dedicated to contract and retail.

In other hand we manufacture furniture pieces of decoration vintage style, that give the finish in its design, the Leit Motive of the firm Francisco Segarra. Simulated marks, Over textured materials, aged effects that embellish the piece and gives that unique character and inimitable that characterize our collections.

New furniture collection of Francisco Segarra.

Well, after this argument, the seen analysis in function to our own identity, the new collection of furniture and decoration proposed by Francisco Segarra. Will result in connotations from the 20´s and bets on the retro design. The vintage furniture that characterizes us, unites to a strong trend with these movement that reflects some of the characteristics proper of Art Deco.

Influenced by metallic materials like brass, copper and gold with these last one capable of defining spaces with great elegance an sophistication.

Chairs, stools and tables, designed according to more harmonic geometric forms in line of the abstract , with lacquered structures in gold tones, for an actual interior decoration.

Voluminous mirrors with cared lines that take all the relevance of the environment, bar carts and essential pieces with commercial spaces, they have a place in the collection.

The aura of this pieces, fortified by fine upholstered velvet ; will be the protagonist in a more or less form. In function of its presence and the combination with other chromatic ranges.

Its chic contribution united with a range of dark tones, makes an extra softness with the light in combination. In contrast, soft tones combined with the ¨gold¨ create a perfect equilibrium because the pureness and simplicity of the white and the sophistication and warmth of gold.

gold trend interior design fs furniture

Francisco Segarra Suggest

If you precise a subtle space the combination of gold with soft colours, gains terrain. Flirty, sweet, innocent, qualities that many see as water down or saturated with white. In trend by themselves in every summer season, but relevant in its union.

The soft tones are flirty, sweet and innocent. The gold is elegant, luminous and brilliant. They are two colours in trend  that already by themselves create a unique environment, but combined they mix well, because the combination of soft tones with metallic textures, create a feminine, chic environment that many fashion and decoration magazines talk about, don’t lose these selection of pieces of both colours and learn to combine it to give your home a unique touch.

Interior decoration, gold trend, soft colours

Timeless and versatile, the use of gold comes from Egypt and has found its ways to the present day in numerous periods and styles in history, resulting in unexpected and surprising spaces where they fusion with antique or old pieces; reverting in an environment a bit eclectic and singular.

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