Interiorismo-decoracion-restaurante-masterchef, commercial furniture.

A Greenhouse, a Patio, an Old villa home.... A unique restaurant

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Restaurant interior design, contract furniture

We invite you to see our new showroom zone.

by Francisco Segarra.

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Cafe interior design, contract furniture.

Come visit our new showroom area.

by Francisco Segarra.

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Tapas restaurant interior design ideas

Come and visit our new Showroom !

by Francisco Segarra

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Japanese restaurant interior design.

Visit our new exhibition & showroom area !

by Francisco Segarra.

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Contract furniture solutions. commercial interior design.

Dont miss our new Showroom area !

by Francisco Segarra.

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Francisco Segarra´s printed work.

New furniture & Interior design. VINTAGE.

Every masterpiece has a feat hidden!

With a nonconformist nature, an aura of talent, and a trajectory worth to be shared.

A firm that left a mark and has made new trends with an excellent background unveiling to the world in this book. 400 consecrated pages with the best work that exemplifies the brand.

A man that gets involved in body and soul in his work, a bundle of pages that draws this surprising path.

A baggage complied by Architect Publications, Experts in the edition and publishing of books about architecture and decoration. A compendium published in more than 80 countries.

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interior design book francisco segarra

Format: 24,7 x 34 cm – Number of pages: 400 pages – Interior paper: Mat coated ARTE 150gr – Interior impression: 5+5C + varnish – Binding: Hard cover, 3mm cardboard + round top + laminated Soft touch + Silver stamping in cover and back. – Impression cover: 4+0C + laminated mat – ISBN: 978-84-944369-3-2

After years of dedication in the real estate business, Francisco Segarra, business man, restless and with a creative mind, knew how to adapt to the changes in a sector that was entering in economic recession.

His trajectory was in the real estate business, where he specialize in the creation of lofts where he will sell them furnished, this way it allowed him to flirt with the minimalist furniture.

His vision on the market and his entrepreneurial character, motivated him to take on his new business project. The manufacture and online sales of vintage and Industrial style furniture.

His trips are constant , so much for visiting a client, design studies, franchises and brands that demands the market looking to get close to our firm. Present in all the professional fairs or trips to factories around the world to make quality control and to create new collections of furniture.

Currently Francisco Segarra´s team counts with more than 30 people. Professionals in the interior decoration world, art and design, a wide sales department and more than 10,000m2 facilities which 600m2 are destined to an exhibition zone.

A wide FS showroom open to all our clients that are cared in a personalized manner in a real interior decoration project, a space where to appreciate the aesthetics force of our extensive FS furniture catalogue, luminaires and vintage and industrial complements.

The actual definition of contract furniture, talks about the group of businesses that demand and offer products or activities oriented to the manufacture and design, supply and installation of integral equipment for construction destined for a collective use.

The contract distribution channel of products of the architecture and decoration sector that surrounds interior designers, decorators and architects, with a participative and decisive role in the selection and purchase of the products destined to interior design projects.

Professionals that move in the habitat and decoration matters, including sectors like the furniture , illumination, revetments and pavements, textiles, etc…

The final client of the contract sector is related with construction, design and commercial decoration, residential buildings, leisure venues, cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, stores and shops.

In Francisco Segarra we offer a broad contract furniture catalogue with ideal materials and finishes for an intense use.

If you are immerse in the creation or rehabilitation process of a business and require contract furniture ; in Francisco Segarra you will find a broad range of vintage, industrial and retro furniture, specific for the use in business, commercial venues, offices or hospitality businesses.

We manufacture contract furniture with direct sales to professionals, business, freelancers and franchises… and all type of solutions for interior design projects or space designs.

We specialize in manufacture and online sales of furniture for hospitality business, with a wide variety of tables, new and recovered, chairs, stools, high and low, wall and ceiling luminaires, leather sofas, exterior furniture, decorative accesories, pavement and revetments.

contract furniture, hospitality business, commercial decoration

Images by © Francisco Segarra

Retail is a term that defines the type of business that all together specialize in the massive commercialization  of products and services oriented to detail and retail purchases.

Businesses with a broad variety of articles for stores, supermarkets , malls, franchises and in general all shops and venues ,located in any city centre with direct sales to the public.

Spaces that require a pleasant environment, studied and planed, endowing the business with style according the product being sold or the service offered. With exclusive designs that differentiates them from the competition and show windows, storage modules, illumination, showcases, fitting rooms… of vital importance, that determines the consumer experience.

In Francisco Segarra we have a broad retail FS furniture catalogue . Counters, shelves spaces, exposition tables, coat racks, bar carts, cabinets, stools for fitting rooms, baulks, articles for window dressing and decoration accesories.

Solutions in commercial furniture and equipment for stores that lets us present the products in an exclusive way, with old, antique recuperated pieces or furniture with recycled materials.

Decorative accesories, commercial furniture, retail purchase, retail

Images by © Francisco Segarra

Conscious of the efficiency of the professional fairs around the world of interior design and decoration, Francisco Segarra , our firm of vintage and industrial furniture has been present in fairs of high level like Horeq, Alimentaria, Integif, Intergastra, Horexpo, Hotelympia o Maison&Object.

Our team of interior designer and decorators take on every project in fairs, making an ephemeral design of the stand, conscious that is a key point, if success is the goal against the competition and to consumers every time more demanding.

The FS projects takes us to the creation of a unique space, that more than showing the vintage and industrial furniture that we produce, has to be able to show the versatility from the same front of the different decorative styles that the client demands.

Always with a transgressor aesthetic, coherent to the design line that our business defends.

If you wish to be informed of the upcoming fairs that we will attend, you can register in our newsletter, through our contact formulary.

This way you will receive promotions, discounts, news or latest developments from Francisco Segarra vintage furniture store; also tickets or discounts to some professional fairs of interior design and decoration that we attend.

professional fairs, interior design, fs projects,francisco segarra

Images by © Francisco Segarra

Vintage furniture online

Francisco Segarra counts with an extensive online furniture and accessories catalogue, in a continuous update, giving the furniture an exclusive feature, well valued in the creation of spaces. This peculiarity together with a transgressor design of unique style, has taken the designers at Francisco Segarra to situate the brand in the leading position in the Vintage furniture industry.

Shipment without barriers

The exports department of Francisco Segarra has a wide team of professionals formed in different languages, Capable of organizing, managing and document all shipments to any part of the planet. Wherever is your location, you can acquire furniture pieces of Francisco Segarra buying online and you can start sharing our passion for vintage furniture.

Shipment in 72 hours

Francisco Segarra's sales department counts with a wide team of sales representatives able to handle, prepare and ship your order in a maximum period of 72 hours in the mainland (Spain) and ten days around Europe, unless certain circumstances beyond our control occurs.

Close treatment

Each department of Francisco Segarra looks for a close personalized and kind treatment with their clients. Creative interior designers and decorators, sales representatives and administrative personnel will resolve any concerns and attend your petitions. Tel. + 34.964 257 908. Mail: