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Photoshoot of the firm Miss Gafas in Francisco Segarras´s showroom


Pablo Benet López author of Miss Gafas, made a photoshoot in the Francisco Segarra´s firm showroom, for the presentation of the new collection of vintage glasses.

This Spanish company was born in Castellon, which activity was centred in the sunglasses world. Specifically authentic vintage glasses, all of them with more than 20 years, made since the 40´s to the beginning of the 90´s, but new, without use.

Miss gafas offer a broad selection of brands, designs, colours, materials and countries of manufacturing.

The main objective is to bet in a renewed atmosphere in fashion, the style, the look, the aesthetics and the personality. Not in vain it proposes a broad range of sunglasses made for the selected public, always with great quality, exclusivity and authenticity.

Unique sunglasses, different because they are not made any more and give a touch highly personalized and differentiator. Collection pieces of cult, limited editions, little treasures hard to find.

The fact about enjoying of sunglasses that is hardly owned by two people in any corner of the world, makes Miss gafas in the greatest exhibit of vintage glasses, authentic from Spain and Europe that offers a graduation and personalization service.

For the presentation of the firm and precise a unique stage.

Pablo Bent his founder needed a stage with a 100% vintage touch, special, with taste and essence and according to their own words, they though in the facilities of Francisco Segarra.

¨we are surrounded by a team of professional photographers and the audio-visual world with the objective to achieve something exquisite. The spirit of the glasses from Miss gafas made from the 50´s to the 90´s could not have a better furniture according to the context than Francisco Segarra´s furniture with his interior design and decoration projects where the vintage and industrial is the spotlight. They bet for the facilities with a differentiator factor, unique never before seen pieces, unusual in the heart of a huge showroom that only can relate in the most magical side of the sunglasses with personality. Without a doubt is about a unique experience that the innovative and the creative open up for those that doesn’t settle with the ordinary and the usual¨

In Francisco Segarra we support all the innovative proposals. Proof of that is the aesthetics of our showroom, much more than a furniture store, in a singular space; a real interior design project to enjoy and share.

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