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Original quinquet antique oil lamps

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To be able to decorate and illuminate in an original way, its now possible with these antique oil lamps, they are restored and prepared to be used in the traditional or electrical way. find it in our furniture and accessories brand, Francisco Segarra.

Measurements approximately. Ø5,51×5,90xh18,11 in Ø18x15xh46 cm.

Antique oil lamps with cables, to be used as luminaries. Reference 07101568

Original oil lamps, antique products by Francisco Segarra.

Antique decorative lamps. Measurements Ø5,51×7,08xh15,74 in. Ø14x18xh40 cm. Reference 09601310 / 10001100

original antique oil lamps

We have a broad variety of used original antique oil lamps. ideal as interior decoration, window display props, vintage industrial lighting.

To decorate and illuminate with originality is now possible with this old, restored and prepared to be used by our furniture and accessories firm Francisco Segarra.

The smallest decorative details influence on the final vision of the clients in all interior design projects making a difference in the result of an amazing decorative finish.

Its dim and nostalgic light make this quinquet oil lamp a perfect accessory for any illumination project in the interior decoration, creating a cozy atmosphere in restaurants, cafeterias, tea shops…

The name quinquet is really an Argant lamp invented by the Swiss physic Argand which patented it in 1780. later on it was called a quinquet because of the pharmasist Antonie Quinquet he introduced  improvements that perfection the product introducing the chimney of glass tube which made it popular in France.

It’s used took over any other lamps in the market, the illumination of the interior spaces improved and a variety of decoration models were manufactured. in the beginning used by the rich people then it extended to all social classes, until the XIX century the oil was replaced by kerosene.

This historic and melancholic historic fact makes some antiques the perfect item for an outstanding interior decoration, complemented by old radios, fans… well accepted and valued by customers. Objects that turn from functional to decorative pieces.


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