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Bamboo pendant light Eriste, Shira

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If you are looking for illuminations solutions for your next commercial decoration project, with luminaires that give that decorative added plus. The solution; Bamboo lamps!

It doesn’t include light bulb

Their organic material gives elegance to spaces, independently of the style, with a result that is very warm and pleasing.

This ethnic bamboo lamps manufactured by Francisco Segarra, have an original design that shows interesting visual plays of lines and shapes.

You can acquire this bamboo lamp with electrical installation, in this case the string makes the support function of the lamp. If you acquire without electrical installation you can incorporate cables according to your need, design, colour or simply use it as candle holders, due to the base that allows it to be over any surface with stability.

Bamboo is a plant, which means every year it grows, even if they are cut, this is why the bamboo lamps are valued for those that are looking for sustainable decorative solutions, Its composition made of fibres gives this luminaires great resistance with a great attractive.

Bamboo pendant light ! Sustainable, econonomic and exotic!

Bamboo lamp Eriste Ø11,81×24,40in Ø30xh62cm

Without electrical connection 14901011

With electrical connection 14901012 Sold Out.

Contract lighting by Francisco Segarra for interior design

Bamboo luminaire Shira in three measurements.

Small Ø14,56xh22,04in Ø37xh56cm

Medium Ø16,53xh24,40in Ø42xh62cm

Large Ø19,68xh26,77in Ø42xh62cm

Bamboo lighting for leisure venues

  • Without electrical installation.

Small 14901013

Medium 14901015

Large 14901017

  • With electrical installation.

Small 14901014

Medium 14901016 Sold Out.

Large 14901018

Bamboo luminaire for commercial business Bamboo lamps for restaurants

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