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Experience and renovation in La Central of Fuencarral


In the Fuencarral street of Madrid, a broad and charming restaurant, allows our palate to enjoy from the interesting flavors of the fusion kitchen, served in a trendy environment with Francisco Segarra´s furniture.

La Central

A menu based with market products with gastronomic innovations in the process of elaboration with the usual flavours. Malaysian flavor, capital referenced in a space divided in two zones, with contemporary decoration and low lighting to enjoy leisure in a relaxed environment.

The textured walls captured the spotlight, shown bricks in color white, wood in composition mode, decorative mural paintings, sheet metal with aged technique bosieries, they all coexist in harmony.

The floor with micro cement effect, stays in the background to highlight the aesthetics of the rest of the design, being even in both zones, that show different aesthetics, where the common element is the leather long bench that goes all over the perimeter.

The bar zone has wooden long benches, upholstered over rusted metal sheets, a broad variety of chairs and stools from our vintage furniture catalogue, where the textured materials mark the styles.

Pieces like the Dress chairs in rust, chairs from French design from the 20´s, manufactures in limited edition that faithfully imitate the ear that are produced when the piece is abandoned in the exterior. The Praga stools, with the industrial aesthetics, take us to old factories and occupied warehouses in New York from the 50´s. The Amaya chairs or the Seldon high bar stools aged in metal finish that we see in the bar that incorporates some practical hangers to enjoy something to drink and be comfortable.

The coldness of the metal mixes with the warmth of the Mews chairs and the Calpe sofa both in leather, some pieces of furniture and old accessories, in a display case, an old telephone and some barber chairs.

The illumination presents different styles, industrial style lamps, globe style lamps, original filament light bulbs hangs using chains.

La Central. Experience and renovations, give as a result a culinary offer that highlights the area I a spectacular space, like we see in the images done by Distinto Enfoque, studio made by photographers, Virginia and Daniela, experts in journalism, events and spaces.

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