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When interior design makes an spectacular bar, New image, Bar España.


To wander around the most beautiful towns in Spain, to discover the insides of the culture. Riding the highway evading all worries with the landscape, its monumental architecture or the special festivities. From town to town, in a well-deserved stop, to quench and impregnate with the gastronomy. The bar, a simple tradition in each town.

Bar España, A traditional bar with a new image, Francisco Segarra’s mark.

Following our style trough the different gastronomic spaces of Spain, the path takes us to Guadalajara, on the shore of the Entrepeñas reservoir. In the municipal square of Sacedón, we find a small establishment.

Here, in Bar España, the ritual begins. In the bar, a properly served beer, with a food serving. On the table, red wine from La Mancha, tapas, and a delicious sandwich. A simple menu… the taste of tradition.

This is how, preserving its roots, that Bar España renewed its image. One year to rejuvenate a venue with an intention. Mix modernity and tradition. A complete interior project made by Blak Interiorismo.

A complete change for the most emblematic establishment in town. Its walls get transformed but its soul remains. Distribution, illumination, cladding, designed signs… a reflection of an outstanding work by a studio capable of providing a personalised service to each project.

¨Bar España. A renewed and actual aesthetic with retro-industrial aesthetics, a leading and wrapping theme that surrounds the space. Wood, tiles, iron and decorative details combined with Francisco Segarra turned this venue into a young and dynamic space¨ Blak Interiorismo.

The industrial aesthetic and the motorcycle culture are complemented to perfection. Chains, suspensions and leather. Luminaries and seats… Furniture designed with so much character.

A bar interior design close to its roots. A must stop place, in our search of discovering places and commercial furniture in the most unique establishments. Our admiration and our recognition to the work of great professionals, dedicated in bar commercial interior, more spectacular.

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