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Bar stools for sale stool Aries

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Bar stools for sale Aries, they are made of mango wood, with tubular structure and seat and backrest made of veined wood.

Veined wood is a natural process produced by the decolouration of the wood, depending on the species and the climate conditions.

The patterns of decolouration create an attractive wood that gives a great value because of the unique beauty of each individual piece, because there are not two of the same, that makes these restaurant stools very particular.

Mesurements 17,32×18,11xh29,52/40,15in 44x46xh75/102cm

Commercial stools  made of wood Aries without arms 17,32×18,11xh29,52/40,15in 44x46xh75/102cm Reference 13601014

Commercial stools made of wood Aries with arms 17,32×18,11xh29,52/40,15in 44x46xh75/102cm Reference 13601015 

Commercial stools for bars

Bar stools for sale upholstered in leather with arms 17,71×17,71xh29,92/40,15in 45x45xh76/102cm Reference 13601032 

Contract stools upholstered in leather without arms


Contract stools online

Metal commercial stools in different colors. 17,71×17,71xh29,92/40,15in 45x45xh76/102cm Reference; Blue 13601033/Black 13601034/White 13601035.

Commercial furniture Francisco Segarra

Bar stools for sale, Leo. Clean bar stool design, Model Leo. They are sold with leather or wood finish.

Measurements 18,50×18,11xh29,52/39,73in 47x46xh75/101cm

High bar stools, Wood finish, Leo. Reference 13601041

High bar stools, Leather finish, Leo. Reference 13601042

High bar stools for hospitality sector.

High bar stools made of mango wood, as an interesting bet for sustainability.

Mango trees are fast growing strong wood. It starts from lifespan, as soon as they stop producing mango, or are produced in lower quantities losing all commercial value, they are cut and replaced. From that point, the wood is hard, dense and with a great resistance, serving for the manufacture of chairs, stools, tables and hospitality furniture.

The results are pieces like the stools, chairs and decoration tables from the Aries or Leo Collection, ideal for a continued use in restaurants, where the beauty of their colours and veined are valued for its liquid resistance.

Curiously the veined wood, are produced by a natural process, relative marks when the wood is attacked by a certain fungus that influence in the wood colour and it varies depending in the species and the climate conditions. This process that seems adverse for the tree is actually what gives a great attractive to the wood that is being manufactured.

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