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New Furniture & Interior Design Vintage. Fs Book, the highlight of Design & Deco.


Once again, Gema Gutierrez surprises us with her mastery when it comes to expressing in writing. There are no secrets for her in the difficult art of writing. Her multidisciplinary profile makes her adaptable in any terrain. She started learning these skills at a young age, achieving the capacity that is clearly shown in different publications and the media, among them, El Hedonista. An informative site about lifestyles, and everything that makes us enjoy, what we like and what gives us pleasure.

The latest on Design & Deco. New Furniture & Interior Design Vintage, Francisco Segarra´s first book.

Her curriculum leaves anyone speechless. Her education is made up of Sound & Images, Graphic advertisement, Ephemeral architecture, industrial designer, Personal Shopper, scenery decorator and Visual Merchandise, on the front on her own design studio specialized in , commercial design and hospitality; a savant in design, decoration, art and music.

Author of the prologue of our first book, a monograph where Francisco Segarra depicts himself through his most outstanding projects; her prose left us breathless.

¨Francisco Segarra sing his achievements serenely.[…] His talent becomes evident in his prolific creative production, always pushing the limits of what is possible in his dance with the century.[…] His work is very atypical; a hybrid between design and history…¨

Her words sound like tributes, toward the main advocate of a company that doesn’t stop, always promoting design, excellence and singularity. His understanding towards our brand, and the founder, is understood as two souls alike, vivacious and full of vitality, with twin personalities.

Her writings are fulfilling and gratifying, to find an ally collaborator, somebody willing to join the cause. Share our passion for Vintage !

Thanks to all of those that made this extraordinary project possible.

Don’t forget to visit Design & Deco section, where Gema Gutierrez as part of the El Hedonista team, giving us the peculiar vision on architecture and design, opening minds to unusual proposals.


More Information:New Furniture & Interior Design Vintage book

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