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Imperfections, scars, the mark of a bold interior design.


The search for perfection does not guarantee success; to fall in the canons of design can lead us to go unnoticed. To find the beauty of the imperfections and the elegance of the mystery among the most relevant in tune with our aesthetics, this is the big challenge for Francisco Segarra´s blog.

The decadence as the connecting nod between design and the deepest emotions of human kind, it makes us think about our existence and the pass of time trough objects and structures. Everything changes, everything is temporary, everything goes back to dust.

The imperfection in the most daring interior design.

The Fitz, catches our attention, this establishment outstands from the rest due to its mix concept of barbershop and cocktail bar. The fusion of decadent and luxury in a space with mystery. Dark  weathered walls, saturated with layers of paint. Battle scars as details in every corner… worn armchairs, scourge counters, rusted displays and a majestic lamp. Everything tells a story trough the textures, everything generates sensations. A bold interior design capable of recreating what the time leaves behind.

The juxtaposition of golden elements in the bar, dark tones furniture pieces and the blue background, generates an interaction of different visual stimulus that is perceived in all point of the establishment. Big velvet curtains divide the different zones, situating the barbershop in one side of the venue.

Glamour. Mystery. Decadence. An outstanding interior design.

An informal, yet glamorous venue. A Space for leisure and style. An environment were to socialize, hosted in an outstanding interior design. A venue that is being rooted in the nocturnal life of Kiev, An identity born from the past to stay in the present.

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