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A well designed space makes a difference when it comes to yield profits and boost clientele´s fidelity. Creativity and originality are vital in the design process. Proposals and unpublished concepts are relevant.

Interior Decorators, Designers and Experts in the Design of Spaces.

They face many stages in the design process, that it will influence directly on the profit of the hospitality business and the clients or users of the service perception, every time more demanding and qualified.

To aboard different phases as a group, the distribution of the space, selection of FS furniture can be convenient when talking about the creation of a leisure venue where the advantage of the space goes hand to hand with the number of diners.

Optimization of the space with the ideal contract furniture and to bring creativity and originality is essential in interior design of restaurants and hotels, cafes… the experts in hospitality interior design agree that distinction is key in leisure places, to obtain attractive places is the quid of the question.

Along the multifunctional chairs, seats, chairs, stools, sofas are essential. Not distant to actual trends the continuous benches are a very used.

Not only for the great aesthetic support, it also comes with an extra that is brilliant functionality, they help the comfort of the client, contributing to a pleasant atmosphere in function of the style or the project objective.

The booth seating can be related with the social part, where we share with other in the same space.

Booth seating  for Hospitality business.

The positioning of booth seats will influence so much in the perception and the segmentation of a space. A booth seat along the whole wall with individual tables and chairs in the frontal area is a flexible option for big groups or even individual diners just by moving the table.

If the banquette seating goes around the perimeter of the premises, it allows the positioning of the tables of different sizes and it creates an island or central zone that it can be destined to other needs or to break the uniformity of the area.

booth seating, diner booth francisco segarra

booth seating, diner booth diner

Booth seating , opposing or with separation.

While is true that the diner booth are oriented to achieve a great number of diners favouring the interaction between clients; the distribution of spaces and functionalities is fundamental in the design, being numerous the projects that prefer to work with some open zones with booth seats and the tables with a certain intimacy, by placing the booths opposed or booths with separation.

booth seating, diner booth fsvntage

booth seating, diner booth bar

Original Booth

The creativity and originality applied in design to the space gives as a result ¨La Lola¨.

The modest 92m2 of the trattoria, divided in dinner and waiting zone, achieve a perfect space planification and an ingenious FS interior design, place for 54 people.

Booth seats , with cushioned back rest where it fuses with the wall under the sensual look of Gina, is an intimate place.

booth seating, diner booth restaurant

booth seating, diner booth ideas

Custom made Booth Seating

The booth seating tailor made exclusively, have converted in a significant element in the aesthetic and functional context. Singular and attractive favour the group conversations in its circular shape, the only limit is the creativity capacity of the experts in interior decoration.

booth seating, diner booth hospitality

booth seating, diner booth francisco segarra vintage

Upholstered Diner Booths

Actual technology lets us have a variety of options in fabrics, textures and natural stamped treated skins. All this intensifies the possibilities in the design of booths.

The bold use of colours makes it spectacular and puts it on forefront, but there are trends that never go out of style.

British upholstered, capitone is an artisan technique that oozes class and elegance, only made by experts and patient hands, it screams sophistication.

booth seating, diner booth projects

booth seating, diner booth bar booth

booth seating, diner booth fs vintage

booth seating, diner booth

booth seating, diner booth seating

Francisco segarra furniture catalogue one of the most extensive online, it has a great variety of booth seatings and restaurant booths, bars, cafeterias and restaurants. Booths or upholstered sofas to be used as banquette seating or with separation.


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