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original business decoration objects

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Original business decoration objects for your next interior design project. as shop props, window dressing, shop fitting.


Fuel pump for commercial decoration of stores, shops it has a door and shelves . Ideal for young people stores as storage, display.

Measurements 26,77×14,56xh40,60in 68x37xh126cm Reference 08101298

window dressing fuel pump

Storage racks  in the shape of a refrigerator 19,68×16,92xh35,43in 50x43xh90cm Reference 11801253 

storage rack fs


Decorative Fire hydrant for interior decoration projects of commercial spaces.

Measurements 18,89×15,74xh27,55in 48x40xh70cm Reference 08101308 

Decorative fire hydrant online

Decorative console furniture inspired in the design of old tractors with a surface for exhibiting products.

Measurements 48,03×11,81xh34,64in 122x30xh88cm Reference 08101308
Tractor furniture

Car couch, unique piece with an original design and working lights. 66,92×25,19xh17,71/38,18in 170x64xh45/97cm Reference 11901427


Car couch



Commercial decoration goes further than just adorn and decor a place of business, you should follow an strategy capable of building a brand and turn visitors into clients. Nowadays is a sales weapon in commercial installations of all type of business.

To create an environment, design a space turn your business into reality  with an adequate corporate image and a decoration projects capable of boosting sales, this is vital in a competitive sector.

To choose the most appropriate furniture for your store or business is important when creating an adequate environment for the product and the client.

To focus the commercial decoration to make a unique and exclusive place, will separate us from the competition, in Francisco Segarra we have a broad catalogue of singular objects, articles and accessories ideal for commercial decoration of your business.


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