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Collection of Hospitality furniture Berlin

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Collection of hospitality furniture composed of auxiliary furniture for the use in public bathroom furniture, restrooms areas, made of metal of industrial style with pronounces aged effects. Ideal for spaces with urban or industrial aesthetics.

Hospitality furniture with drawers and auxiliary removable trays Berlin. 47,24×23,62xh21,65in 120x60xh55cm Reference 15901023

Hospitality furniture

Contract furniture with dual sinks and aged effect. 62,99×19,68xh47,24in 160x50xh120cm Reference 15901025 

contract sink for business

Industrial restaurant furniture 59,05×16,14xh32,28in 150x41xh82cm Reference 15901024 

Restaurant furniture

The furniture collection Berlin has been developed by Francisco Segarra specifically to host the Taller®, a new business concept where the spotlight is the themed furniture that bets for an industrial and more radical theme.

Versatile furniture, with colors and strong wear and tear capable to be adapted to the most creative decorative projects.

The furniture collection Berlin, composed of low tables, furniture consoles type, sinks, and ideal for the use in interior design in leisure venues for hospitality sector where there are singular environments that the public demands, in search of inedited proposals.

Under the same concept you will find an original collection of articles of professional characters like the glasses in test tube shapes. Destined for drinks, to be served in an original form giving more relevance to those gastronomic spaces.

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