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Restaurant stackable chairs Aries, Capri, Leo

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Restaurant stackable chairs Capri, Aries and Leo made of chairs with and without armrest , they are made of mango wood, with tubular structure and seat and backrest made of veined wood.

The veined wood is a natural process produced by the decolouration of the wood, depending on the species and the climate conditions.

The patterns of decolouration create an attractive wood that gives a great value because of the unique beauty of each individual piece, because there are not two of the same, that makes these restaurant chairs very particular.

Restaurant chairs Aries without armrest 17,32×18,11xh18,11/31,49in 44x46xh46/80cm Reference 13601012

Restaurant chairs Aries with armrest 21,25×18,11xh18,11/31,49in 54x46xh46/80cm Reference 13601013 

Restaurant chairs


Stackable chairs Aries without armrest 17,71×19,68xh17,71/31,49in 45x50xh45/80cm  

white 13601024/ red 13601025 / blue 13601026 / green 13601027 / black 13601028

Restaurant seating

Restaurant leather chair Aries  21,25×19,68xh17,71/31,49in 54x50xh45/80cm Reference 13601030 

bar chairs

Contract chair Capri 19,68×19,29xh17,32/31,49in 50x49xh44/80cm Reference 13601000

Restaurant seats

Contract chair Leo 20,07×20,07xh17,32/29,92in 51x51xh44/76cm

Commercial seats wood with armrest Reference 13601036 

Commercial seats wood without armrest Reference 13601040

Commercial seats leather with armrest Reference 13601037

Furniture made by Francisco Segarra in mango wood is sustainable, the rapid growth of the tree makes the production limited, producing less quality mangos once it reaches a certain age and they lose commercial quality, so they have to be cut and replaced.

The wood is hard, dense, light and easy to work on, at the same time is really attractive due to different colour tones and the veined pattern it produces, because fruits and fungus brand the wood with dark patterns giving character to it.

Its strength makes it ideal for the manufacture of chairs, stools, tables and hospitality furniture, pieces that require to be water resistant and a continuous use.

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