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All the codes about vintage furniture and all the key elements of the vintage style.

Trying to define the concept style in decoration, we can say that is a particular way to charm a space through a group of norms, guidelines, marked by the compositions, forms and colours and specific furniture pieces, generally linked to a cultural context that gives them their own characteristics.

The classification of decorative styles have been historically associated to a group of aesthetic principles, that reflect taste and the fashion of the past ages in an specific place. In the majority of cases it was established by influential families and he ruler that during its regimen established his taste on architecture and decorative articles, it was all reflected in the palace, mansion or homes of the high class society like the furniture that was sent to manufacture exclusively for its use.

The arrival of the industrial revolution and the creation of objects ins series, favour the frequent succession of decorative styles, to put in reach of any social class, furniture and decorative belongings destined until those days for a few.

The contemporary decorative concepts like the French, Provencal, English, minimalist or colonial they are inspired in the old styles like the roman, baroque, rococo or Victorian to name a few, adapted to the modern life.

Ultimately the style characterizes cultural currents of its time establishing trends in art and interior decoration.

Currently the decorative styles are not confined to a region or decade. Our advantage to travel and buy furniture and decorative articles from other places and other cultures, makes influences adapted to our taste and personal creativity,  a valid mix and fusion.

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Francisco Segarra firm.

We can differentiate between FS vintage style like it is and the vintage furniture.

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The vintage style is comfortable and cosy and is characterized by the quality of the materials.

The vintage commercial furniture even presenting certain age is not considered antique because it doesn’t pass the 50years of manufactured , its use is not restricted to its style and the combination with others like the shabby chic, eclectic, art deco and rustic are ideal.

Our vintage contract furniture firm Francisco Segarra, bet for this passion in FS vintage furniture, Antique furniture. five years ago and now we have a broad selection of actual manufactured furniture of the FS vintage line, and a wide catalogue of pieces and antiques from past decades.

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