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Cafeteria stools collection, Romina

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High bar stools, cafeteria stools with tubular structure, seats and backrest in laminated wood or aged leather.

A broad variety of possibilities for the furnishings of cafeterias and restaurants.

Its structure in different tones, its complemented with a seat manufactured in cushion leather or laminated wood, with two types serigraphy. ¨OFELIA¨or ¨PUBLIC SCHOOL¨

Measurements 47x53xh75/112cm

List of reference numbers from the stools collection, cafetería stools, ROMINA.

Cafeteria stools. Tubular structure. Backrest in wood with serigraphy. ¨OFELIA¨

White frame Reference 17501014 / Grey frame 17501015

Cafeteria Stools. Tubular structure. Backrest made of wood with serigraphy ¨PUBLIC SCHOOL¨.

Cafeteria stools. Tubular structure. Backrest made of wood with NO serigraphy.

White frame Reference 17501018/ Grey frame 17501019

IMPORTANT: All the serigraphy numbers are sold in a random way.

Contract stools furnishings

Cafeteria stools. With metal structure,  cushioned in stitched leather with aging effect. Backrest with no serigraphy.

White frame Reference 17501007/ Grey frame 17501008 / Black frame 17501053

Measurements: 18,50×20,86xh30,70/44,09in 47x53xh78/112cm. 

IMPORTANT: The aged leather goes through a series of process, after the tanning process to modify its finish. These operations made with the objective to change the appearance of the leather, making it a noble and elegant material. The result are not flaws in the product, it gives singularity and personality. Romina chairs can have variations of colours and aging marks.

Commercial stools, contract



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