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Catering utensils for hostelry table service

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Tableware and utensils for table service in cafeterias, restaurants, hotels and catering companies.

Collection of containers designed to serve tapas and food products. Manufactured in mango and acacia wood with inside lacquered in white.

No suitable for dishwasher, or microwave.

The main enemy of wooden utensils is the prolonged contact with water. The application of natural oils of different types is recommended… there are many types existing oils in the market formulated to prolong the service life of the utensils that are made with native woods.

It´s equally important to take care of the table service, at the same time excel in the presentation of the product; we recommend anti-grease paper like Manila paper that helps to protect it from stains, as it absorbs the grease preserving the table service giving an impeccable image.

Set of hospitality plates  for tapas or appetizers.

Big plate Ø11,81xh0,59in Ø30xh1,5cm Reference 17601010.

Small Plate Ø7,87xh0,59in Ø20xh1,5cm Reference 17601011. 

Catering materials for restaurant and cafeterias, contract utensils.

Set of bowls for table service and catering.

From small to largest.

Ø9,84xhxh6,29in Ø25xh16cm Reference 17601013. 

Ø7,87xh2,16in Ø20xh5,5in Ø20xh5,5cm Reference 17601014. 

Ø5,90xh1,96in Ø15xh5cm Reference 17601015. 

Ø3,93xh1,77in Ø10xh4,5 Reference 176010156. 

Hospitality utensils for commercial use in the hospitality sector.

Salad bowls and set of spoons.

Ø9,44xh3,54in Ø24xh9cm Reference 17601012. 

Set of spoons Ø11,81xh2,16xh0,39in Ø30xh5,5xh1cm Reference 17601018. 

Catering utensils made of wood and laquered in white for hospitality.

Tapas and apetizers containers with lid. for hospitality sector. Made with mango wood.

Big container 12,99xØ9,84xh4,77in 33xØ25xh12cm Reference 17601019. 

Medium container 11,02xØ7,87xh4,77in 28xØ20xh12cm Reference 17601020. 

Small container 9,05xØ5,90xh4,72in 23Ø15xh12cm Reference 17601021. 

catering supplies

Original utensil for hospitality sector. 28,74×2,75xh1,18in 73x7xh3cm Reference 17601017. 

Utensil hospitality sector and contract, commercial use.

Hospitality utensils to pamper customers.

The level of demand of the client in the consumption outside home of food products is greater every time. This way forces these establishments in hospitality to double the efforts to make sure the experience is fully satisfactory.

It’s not enough a quality gastronomic offer, a great service and an outstanding interior design, to take care of the client and the surroundings. Everything has to form a harmonic and aesthetic state. This is when one excellent table service reveals effort, attention and affection.

According to experts, the first impression and the most durable of the client, whether is in a cafeteria, restaurant, hotel or catering service, the table decoration is very important. It will depend how is set up, to represent the image of the establishment. Image that will stay in your memory, even more than the service cost.

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