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OFELIA coffee & healthy food. coffee shop interior design


To bring back family moments, from childhood in an emotional context as a new cafeteria concept; Ofelia wakes up our pleasant memories of flavours.

Coffee shop interior design contract furnitureThe Concept.

Health and education as great pillars of the family womb. Pleasant taste memories introduced for the first time by tasting different flavours since infancy. Together a recompilation of positive memories, engraved in our brains. Ofelia stimulates our lethargic reminiscences, through high quality nutritional cooking… these are the main principles of Ofelia.

Hearing, vision, smell, taste and touch. A group of incentives as part of a gastronomic experience which stimulates the emotional memory through a balanced diet. To live conscious of a healthy nutrition, outside of our homes, more than a trend is a necessity.

The Space.

The whistle of a boiling teapot, indicating the water is ready, seen over the antique stoves, the smell of recently brewed coffee and toasted bread surrounds the place, the sweetness of homemade jelly and the touch of the newspaper´s pages. A space with so much Sense.

The whispers, a kid’s innocent laugh, the sound of the tableware being used, the nonstop doorbell, a cluster of sounds that means the place is full of life.

The charm of an aged pantry, tables marked by the pass of time as the family kitchen frozen in time.

The stimulating aroma that renews and transport us, we are able to perceive the essence of hot brews, the recently baked bread, impregnates the surroundings in a familiar fragrance, to be absorbed by the clam of the space oriented to the wellbeing of everyone.

To enjoy a toast with Lordpak butter, with a delicious glass of Nesquick, and tasty cream crackers… all trustworthy traditional products that have been with us for a long time. An artisan kitchen available to us, Coffee & Healthy food that satisfies our taste buds in a place that highlights the main products.

The pleasant texture of recuperated wood beams in the table, the tact of a porcelain bowl, to sense the attributes of the food, without artificial additives, always running away from formality, appreciating the trust among clients being caressed by the comfort of the space.

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Cafe interior design FS


Francisco Segarra has created ideal scenery where to embody his workmanship in a space that boosts creativity, able to transmit his dreams and concepts. A representation to be enjoyed by many… a world of sensations.

Ofelia as part of a scenery, a new cafe interior design, to generate new business ideas as start-up business, focused in recuperating the flavours through the culinary emotional intelligence, highlighting the importance of the senses to choose the ideal commercial furniture, a declaration of intentions that defines the healthy food far from home, in an outstanding cafeteria decor that brings up the kindness marked by our family values.

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