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Live the Ruth Experience Band in Nº5 with Francisco Segarra.


In the centre of Castellon, there is a place with much personality. Behind Nº5 burger’s door, in a restaurant 100% Francisco Segarra, we find a unique scenery hidden, that has become a source of inspiration for emerging artists. Like Ruth Baker band. Let’s rock!

Rock and roll fuses into the premise’s vintage aesthetics

Majestic and captivating… Nº 5 is a space that more than offering excellent gastronomic offers, full of talent and culture. A place for outstanding designs where stories are born and dreams are made.
With so much rhythm Ruth Baker and her band, has come to tell their story about the recording of their latest video. Accompanied by Ivan Chabera, Nacho Fandos, David Franch and Carlos Cruz, Ruth Baker voice breaks with a synergy that doesn’t go unnoticed.
Vibrant and passionate… this is how we can classify Ruth baker’s band experience, in Nº5 restaurant. Revelation. A new song that gives name to the second single. A real tribute to rock and the love of music.
From a waitress to office employee, working and resisting. When the night falls, the most awaited moment comes. The pleasure to sing live, to connect with the people, a beautiful lecture on how to fight to reach your goals and fulfil dreams.
Nº5, a venue witness of great talents. The union between Francisco Segarra’s outstanding design and the great music Ruth Baker makes. The complicity between vintage aesthetics and Rock.
Share our passion for vintage. Live the Ruth Baker experience in Nº with us.



Photographer: Manuel Peris Tirado.
Cover Design: Clara Aguilella.
Recording and edition: COCOWORK FILMS.
Camera assistant: Pablo Serrano and Oscar Perez.
Editing: Pablo Serrano.
Lighting technitian:
Special guest: Fernando Alcalá.
Location: Nº5 Burger. Space designed by Francisco Segarra.

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