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Nº5 Burger as a scenography of the first videoclip of the band Conducta Impropia.


In the city center of Castellón Spain, we find the burger restaurant Nº5 designed by Francisco Segarra, Also a popular local meeting point, from memorable gastronomic experiences, this untypical restaurant makes a perfect scenography, captivating artists, photogrpahers, musicians… as a consequence of a well executed design and decoration that left nothing to improvisation.

In this project designed by Francisco Segarra creates a majestic, nostalgic and enchanting fruit of the inspiration in cinema referents like ¨The great Gatbsy¨ The great Budapest hotel¨. A place that flirts with Art deco and the 20´s golden age dreams.

To be able to collaborate with projects that promote culture and art, have been a fundamental part of the leitmotiv of Francisco Segarra, The outstanding Nº5 restaurant interior design makes a fundamental pilar to boost creativity and imagination of emerging artist like the Rock band ¨Conducta Impropia¨ we are proud to be able to keep on the same track.

The Rock band ¨Conducta Impropia¨, Premiers their video, recorded in Nº5 Burger Castellón with the song ¨Morning Fires¨ that it will launch in the next album.

The group has four members, Alessio (singer and guitar), Héctor (guitar), Salva (Bass guitar) and Juan ( Drums), all from Burriana, Spain.

With a more defined and marked style since their beginning in 2014, when they were only tree members and edited their first album ¨ Con destino a mi destino¨( with destination to my destiny) composed by eight songs with influences in Blues, Rock, Ska… it gives a step forward and increased the components to keep on going on a progressive rising path.

The band keeps on working on their new work, which they already have 4 songs, set to work better than the previous songs, they are already doing concerts.

You can follow them in youtube or facebook.

Pictures by Juanan Lloret

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