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Ultra Violet Color PANTONE® 2018, enlivens visionary thoughts and the inventive spirit.


The carpet for those great events is extended.  Art, design and creation disciplines have been evoked. The judges have decided. Leatrice Eiseman, director of the academy is dressed for the occasion and in her hand a nice plea. The mystery is about to be unveiled. And the winner is …

PANTONE 18-3838. Ultra violet, Color PANTONE® OF THE YEAR 2018.

Color pantone 2018, ultra violet in Francisco Segarra

An enigmatic purple tone evoking visionary thoughts and an inventive spirit, with a challenging status quo, dramatically provocative. Ultra violet is originality, ingenuity, imagination.  Within its tones resides the artistic brilliance. Its twelve months of reign as an opportunity to push the limits trough creative outputs.

The capacity of the judge and the jury is attributed by the heavy weights of the company, to higher ranks of Pantone® Colour institute® and a group of experts with a criteria. The executive director, confessed fan of the colour and ringmaster of ceremonies, Leatrice (Lee) Eiseman, has revealed that the winner had to provide hope with an encouraging message.

The Pantone saga, surpasses all aesthetics frontiers, inspiring and influential. Transmitting messages with profound meaning. A reflection and the light of the sociocultural collective moment. The origin of a trend, an strategic direction for design and an added value to brands.

Ultra violet and 2018 will live its particular love story. Ahead there are exciting times, a colour with much potential.

Pantone 2018, color trend, ultra violet

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