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IBERICS, emerging cafeteria, commercial interior design project by Coper & Porter.


IBERICS is an emerging cafeteria with traditional products, one hundredth per cent Spanish, based on the iberian diet like strong point.

Palates that taste a varied menu with a good quality price ratio, they are found in an strategic spot in the centre of Valencia, an innovative formula to taste national products, ideal not to do groceries, maybe an informal reunion, or just taking the advantage of take-away service.

The Coper & Porter team, responsible of interior design has cantered in the idea of creating a new design concepts that can relate the venue with a specific life style. A concept that offers the possibility to make a frenetic stop in the rhythm of life to consume quality without the need of seating down.

Ideas for business

The objective; to fusion elegance with the quality of the product and the closeness of the people with the informal touch of the venue, for being right in front of the street where you can obtain these exquisite products also to take-away.

The reference colours tones in 2015, The Marsala, conditions the chromatic range of the brand, for its local social contribution, the ham and wine.

The main premise of Coper & Porter in the interior of the venue was to exploit the space to the maximum and make it visually more spacious. The mirror covered walls duplicates the surroundings and the combination with other materials like the wood, iron and the ceramic tiles, recreate an environment according to the excellent quality national products.

Interior decorating ideas

Commercial interior decoration

Experts in commercial interior design , just like they did in the project of the gastronomic space Fierro, they selected some pieces from our luminaires and furniture catalogue as part of the commercial equipment. Elements with an industrial character like the shop style mesh luminaires Agnes, with its pure galvanized lines of French design from the 20´s. it makes a good contrast with the warmth of the leather of the Rive stools.

Bar interior design

Interior design project

Commercial interior design differs with the residential interior design,  business design requires an specific objective according to the clients intentions, to exceed its expectative and yield profit. In contraposition to the home design where the needs and taste are specific for the user but in commercial interior design it needs to respond to a group of consumers with individual taste. Laborious work known by the interior decorator professionals that unfolds in the design sector like Coper & Porter with great results. Congratulations to the whole team.

Interior design contract

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