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Commercial decorative objects

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Big stock of commercial decorative objects for restaurants, hotels or any typer of business. use any of these items to complement any interior design decoration.

Decorative mannequin

Decorative mannequin of man with fabric and balck tones 15,74×9,44xh66,14in 40x24xh168cm Reference 16001007

Decorative mannequin of woman with fabric and balck tones 14,96×11,02xh64,56in 38x28xh164cm Reference 16001008

Decorative mannequin of man with fabric and natural wood tone 15,35×9,44xh64,56in 39x24xh164cm Reference 16001013

Decorative mannequin of woman with fabric and natural wood tone 14,96×11,02xh64,96in 38x28xh165cm Reference 16001012

Decorative mannequin

Decorative leather balls for offices, stores…

Football leather ball Ø8,66in Ø22 Reference 07001068

Rugby leather ball Ø7,08xh11,02 Ø218xh28cm Reference 07001069

Basket leather ball Ø9,84in Ø25 Reference 07001070

Wall support for basketball and football 8,66×11,02xh2,36in 22x28xh6cm Reference 07001071 

Wall support for rugby ball 10,82×7,87xh2,36in 27,5x20xh6cm Reference 07001072  

Decorative leather balls

Marble decorative plates Ø10,62×2,36in Ø27xh6cm Reference 11901393  

 Decorative marble plates

Decorative cutting boards in different shape, sizes and formats.

Round cutting board 10,23×0,39xh14,17in 26x1xh36cm Reference 08101253

Rectangle cutting board

9,84×0,59xh16,53in 25×1,5xh42cm Reference 08101249

7,87×0,59xh18,50in 20×1,5xh47cm Reference 08101248

7,08×0,39xh18,11in 18x1xh46cm Reference 08101248

7,87×0,59xh15,74in 20×1,5xh40cm Reference 08101250

Decorative cutting board


Wall lighing Fiamma 9,05×10,62xh23,22in 23x27xh59cm Reference 08101278 

Professional lighting


Decorative skull for decoration made of wood 


Skulls for decoration for stores


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