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Impeccable interior design projects in the tapas bar, restaurant, Escalón


A new restaurant of the chain Escalón opens its door in Oslo. Fusions Norwegian and Spanish food, presented in a form of tapas, in a warm atmosphere, evoking industrial ages with Francisco Segarra ´s furniture.

Located in an old building in an industrial zone, Grunerlokka, the oldest building of the zone and the first of the city made with bricks, distributed in two floors with a great glass window in all the perimeter, looking to make an intimate and cosy place.

The renovations made by the architecture studio Interior Plan, from Oslo, in coordination with the interior decoration studio Vitae, directed in Barcelona by the interior decorators Silvia Gonzales Giralt and Cristina Martinez-Rovira, were searching aesthetics of a Spanish tapa bar.

Fs vintage furniture

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The aesthetics was created with signs, pictures and posters acquired in antique shops of Barcelona, like decorative accessories taken out of context, an old motorcycle, a barber seat, hangers and flea market pictures.

FS interior decoration

Wooden elements were selected, steel and leather like a reference for all the furnishing arrived in Spain, shelves and support furniture pieces in recuperated pine wood, tailor made or pieces from our vintage furniture catalogue of Francisco Segarra, like the broad variety of chairs that are used in the venue.

Bar chairs in Capri wood, coexist with other hospitality chairs Rock and the unmistakable chairs Bruer o Mews cantilever style that are located in front of some huge leather long benches.

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Low bar stools Seldon serves as back up for the furniture used in the room.

The walls show different finishes, covered with murals, wall papers old coffee sacks, decorative lettering in reused metal sheets, showing the brick shown from the original structure, help in the amplitude of the space and help the recreation of different zones.

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The illumination is also important in the interior design of leisure spaces, there are different design styles. Industrial style luminaires, shop style lamps, modern design light bulbs that fall from the roof like spider web like from huge plaster rosette, warm illumination with harmonic and pleasant environment.

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