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Great reception of the new tiles collection FS by Peronda in Cevisama 2017.


The International Fair of Ceramics and Bathroom Furnishings, as the leading event in the ceramic sector, CEVISAMA; Which is held these days at Feria Valencia, which presents a great business environment and a remarkable influx of foreign buyers.

Large buying groups of the European market and the United States go to the fair grounds attracted by a maximum level showcase. The current event brings together 721 exhibiting firms in more than 110,000 square meters.

This is good data for the Spanish ceramic industry. According to Ascer, management of the Spanish ceramic sector, last year’s turnover grew by 7.1%.

Commercial flooring fs tiles

Among the prestigious tile companies, PERONDA GROUP, again surprise its visitors with completely renovated spaces, focused on emphasizing the new products and the different brands they produce. For this, the aesthetics of the stand relates with the previous theme of the International Fair of CERSAIE. The concept ‘pop-up’, allows to renew the content and the continent, each season in a unique facilities. ‘A Little piece of Japan’ remains the leitmotif of the group’s new presentation, in a tour of the most significant concepts of the Japanese tradition.

Among the latest ceramic innovations, we have the new pieces designed by Francisco Segarra exclusively for the FS by Peronda collection. A project with a successful reception in the market of the sector of construction and the interior design that needed an authentic collection of vintage tiles. A staging, which takes the back of the stand inspiring on a big legend of martial arts, recreating a unique gymnasium as part of the small Japanese universe.

New pieces presented in Cevisama 2017. Click on the image to enlarge.

Led by Francisco Segarra and directed by Jose Peris, the project is a new challenge for our firm. It seeks originality, innovation and harmony between the stand as a continent and the product exposed as content. A content that transports us beyond vintage aesthetics to reinvent traditional concepts and turn them into trends. Ceramic pieces inspired by the classical geometric Roman mosaics; The ceramics of “Nolla” historical Valencian heritage and a classic among the pavements, the terrazzo. Designs in favor of pottery as a protagonist in large projects.

” chaos seeks simplicity, and discord harmony.” Bruce Lee.

(Concept and text by Jose Peris)

No one taught him to wander among the shadows, between oblivion, plunged into darkness and surrounded by ghosts. Only the arts, martial arts and managed to rescue him from the abyss.

Self-discipline and mental power. No blow should be too prepared, there must be a free stroke that defines the course, the exact for that moment.

For him there were no rules, no dogmas, only emotional content a project. He does not negotiate with any style, just empties his mind and discharge the exact, precise and impeccable blow.

The cult body distributes the system and mental work regulates strength. Space dwells within me. Symmetry delights us with harmony; The visual weights balance the composition, the trajectories undress the composite reticle.

From emptiness the stroke that describes the arm is born. Reflexes defy speed. Anticipation breaks your jaw as if it were fragile crystal. A master choreography draws the scenery.

The function is deep with the form; Nothing is more so less.

Shades of black jet combined with chocolate padded leather. Aged pine wood. Old pavements on which boxing shoes are danced. Smell of leather, effort, sweat and tears.

Discipline, content When you contract I relax, when you relax I contract.

Francisco Segarra as a trustworthy firm in product design and presentation, in this business platform and international showcase, a real success for visitors and clients.

Francisco segarra success in cevisama

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