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To open a business in front of a street, nowadays and offer a good product doesn’t guarantee success. The quality doesn’t differentiate a business from the other, the quality is supposed to be present and the consumer looks for something else, something exclusive, added value, to know how to offer it, guarantees a profitable business.

The daring interior commercial designers, entrepreneurs and businessmen, are conscious of the needs of the actual market, the design of a commercial space is a valued tool of marketing that contributes to success, boosting the business model, highlighting their attributes and completing the expectative of the consumer.

To understand the design in commercial venues, like a form  to emphasize the relevance of the brand and peruse a differentiator to unmark from the rest, this is vital for businesses of the services sector like shops, tourism companies, hospitality and leisure.

The design of a space and equipment distribution and installations are establishes according to the characteristics of the venue, the type of services or establishments among other factors, but there is another common denominator between venues and businesses in front of streets that is determinant to catch attention of the passer by, to attract the attention and to generate the wishes to come in the store.

To count with a tempting window dressing, attractive and uneven can influence positively in a consistent and inconsistent way in the passer by, but this visual claim doesn’t only apply to the commercial sector, every time there’s more coffee shops, restaurants that yield space and plan correctly the implantation of the different areas of the local venue.

The windows more than a contribution of natural light can be the appropriate space to host a fast service, a dynamic space that favours the contact with the client with the exterior, allowing the passer by to perceived an atmosphere and interior environment.

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The work done by the architect studio Techné Architects in Melbourne, shows a dynamic space and youthful, done with low bar stoolswhere the contact with the exterior and interior are exposed, due to its foldable windows.

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Interior design fs

Restaurant low bar stoolsThe type of seat ideal for the design of a dynamic zone where the distribution of the venue and broad and according  to the aesthetic requirements of the brand, we can count with low bar stools,, wooden bench, metal or chairs that will coexist without conflicts in thir different designs, since we are talking about different informal zones of distended environment where to favour the social relations.


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Concious about the need to project spaces unevenly in front of the commercial rivals, outing the creativity to the service of a bold interior designer, idel for spaces that look to seduce the client, the leitmotiv of Francisco Segarra bets for the transgressor furniture design and the continuous renovation of the collections in contribution to a mayor exclusivity of the product.

Under these premises, Francisco Segarra presents a new collection of stools, benches and chairs, that add to the broad catalogue of seats for professional use for your business or project.

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