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Grafftis and murals are trend in the design of bars and restaurants.


In the hospitality industry there are signs of strength , making a fact that many entrepreneurs keep on investing in the opening of new businesses  and the interior designs projects keep on the rise for creating bars, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and establishments related to the hospitality sector.

In front of a growing sector that is taken to increase the competition and a client that is more demanding and educated, a bigger space is needed, coherent to the business model the clients target, branding and the customer service to reassure the business is running well.

What is the key of success in the design of bars, restaurants or spaces for hospitality?

The trends for consuming vary and the client does not only look for a good product and service, they want to feel, experiment and achieve that valued and personal experience,this is fundamental in the design for the client. It requires a valued, unique and attractive proposal.

For that comes into play the Branding and the brand strategy. A functional space, coherent and identifying with the brand that boosts profit of the business and the return of the investment in the implementation of the business.

In the design of the own venue where we can coordinate the amount of factors, achieving a unique identity, faithful to the brand reflection. For that there are more professionals of interior design that count with other disciplines based on graphic and pictorial creativity like the graphic design or the urban art to give spaces a unique character.

Walls and graffitis are a commercial weapon when it comes the time to personalize the space with innovative ideas, capable to boost the image for your business or project.

Commercial interior desing

In Aix-Provence, south of France, the great monochromatic  illustrations that wrap the floors, walls and roofs, leaves a clear view of the true identity of the Japanese restaurant Koi, which the interior design is influenced by the Yakuza tattoos.

The Leina Claire murals are part of an spectacular work of the architect Vicent Coste, the idea pretends to introduce the Japanese culture in the space, giving an Asian touch.

Graffiti decoration of business

Located in Hong Kong, Bibo is an open door to art in all the forms. Veiled luxury and innovation in the design, a space to enjoy the best of the French gastronomy with the internationally renowned artist like Bansky, Damien Hirst, Daniel Arsham, Jeff Koons and Aya Takano, among others.

The street art and the culinary art under reminiscences of Art Deco in a bohemian world created by the substance studio, for the enjoyment of the senses.

Restaurant graffiti decoration

Restaurant interior design

Wall murals decoration

The graphic possibilities of commercial graffiti, in projects of interior design and decoration doesn’t have limits , free and abstract with a great visual impact, in this way the creativity expressions born with divulgaters and claimed objectives, where the cause is to change and evolve, it has taken part of a urban revolutionary rebel movement that leaves to the side the vandalism to transform it into art.

Another cult space for the street art culture in all their forms is Vandal resturant. The spectacular space designed by Rockwell Group, located in Bowey NYC, its proof that more than the context of cars, food trucks this gastronomy works in closed spaces where to capture all the energy of the streets.

The two levels of the restaurant are structures in individual diner rooms and unique spaces that evoke to the city of New York due to its aesthetics based on graffitis and great murals, made by relevant street artist, developed in a specific form in reinforces of the space and are connected in a labyrinthine form to activate our senses in each step.

Contract interior design

restaurant graffiti

Don’t miss the¨ Making Of ¨ Video of Vandal.

The video shows the spectacular work made by the Hush studio, led by the own British artist,became a graphic designer and illustrator in the school of Newcastle of art and design.

We can confirm with these examples that the excess and saturation, hunted with elegance that composes elegant and extraordinary spaces. However we find examples of other projects of interior design in commercial venues and businesses in the hospitality sector with more sober graphics as urbanity flirting.

With allof this is in the margin of controversy,with defenders and detractors, the commercial graffiti or murals can be an ally in the decoration of interior spaces when we pretend to stand out from the conventional decoration and explore new concepts to achieve a design in favour of our business with respect to the rest.

In the antipodes of home decoration where a more conservative style primes for the complexity to adapt the spaces to a trend change, the commercial decoration or projects in leisure venues require a bold, original and striking design, out of the norms, to obtain an excellent space decor to the expenses of the changes of habits of the consumers.

To obtain those objectives using the art murals without an aggressive result, is another possible option, if we delegate the illustration in a constrained area, we use a chromatic range that is uniform with the rest of elements or we decontextualized their means and natural support.

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