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Mexkisito among the best interior designs for Horeca (HOtel, REstaurant, CAtering)


Magazine specialized in the latest updates of the Horeca Sector, comes back strong to the public after a vacation break, this was achieved with an interesting summary with eyes set in whats coming in a sector so dynamic like the hospitality industry.

InfoHoreca, a reference point in the world of hospitality, Restaurants and caterings, at the same time is a tool for professionals that perform their activity for hotels, restaurants, bars, cafeterias… The press publication informs about the latest design trends and information about hospitality equipment, interior design products, interesting articles and interviews to relevant people of the sector. Horeca is the result of the acronym HOtel, REstaurant,CAtering.

Relevant information needed to develop important interior design projects to spread knowledge about new openings like Mexkisito, A space fruit of the collaboration between Francisco Segarra and interior designer Maria Barrero, reveal the insight of an extended project.

¨….. an old Mexican colonial house that rescues the best of Art Deco to surround the table experience¨.

This is how a craving spot is described, which arrives directly from Mexico to Madrid in an industrial-decayed space, a distinctive style of Francisco Segarra and along with the business partners, Hanna, Jorge and Adriana, trusted in him for their new interior design project.

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Firms, brands, professionals and companies which services are related with the hospitality sector like restaurants, Hospitality ( Hotels, Agro-tourism, Camping…) Catering companies, leisure venues (Cafeterias, Pubs,…) Following the editorial line of InfoHoreca, conscious about following the objective that is to achieve the loyalty of the usual customers with attractive potential.

The 20th edition highlights and recommends great allies to make your hospitality business flourish.

¨ These years of financial problems forced the hospitality suppliers to sharpen the ingenious side to make it, nowadays all the furniture suppliers of linen and tableware have turned essential, to be able to provide singular proposals to be able to compete and win. And about all this we have focus this edition of InfoHoreca. The textiles will help complement the decoration at the same time boosting the prestige of the venue. Flatware will be aligned with the environment and the gastronomic speciality and the rest of the elements over the table that will have as a requirement to be functional.¨

Table service, unveils that linens, flatware and professional tableware are the image of the venue and according to InfoHoreca experts, the first impression traps clients when they visit a restaurant, hotels and the long-lasting importance of table decoration in always going over the expectatives that can make a customer to demote the cost and enjoy the lasting experience.

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Our FS furniture firm and decoration, has launched to the market a new commercial tableware collection line, to offer a table service where the common denominator is the outside the box norm of design. FS tableware has original glasses conceived as stylized crystal probes, Champagne bottle containers, table ice-buckets in molten aluminium with brushed finish, designs of antique replica pieces from before the XX century. Trays and pieces from the FS Cutlery collection.

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The motivation of Francisco Segarra is to put over the table, new concepts in relation to the hospitality industry comes from way back. One of the first project proposal in this sense, was a revolution for the expert people in the catering industry with an innovative way to serve food. Tiffin Concept. A personal gamble of Francisco Segarra, motivated by his interest in the culture and tradition from India, resulting from all his trips where he encounter first-hand the peculiar food service industry known as ¨Dabbawala¨ with products painted by hand.

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