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Commercial outdoors furniture, iconic Parisian style furniture , manufactured with a resistant aluminium structure painted with a wood effect, they are apt for the exterior, Seat and back rest woven with a synthetic material with better characteristics. It comes in different colour combinations.

Elegant designs, functional and really confortable, they are ultra-light, there is also a sofa version.

parisian chairs online FS
Parisians chairs ABACO, is an interesting game of black & Gold.

Measurements 16,92×20,47xh17,71/33,07in 43x52xh45/84cm Reference 14401011

There’s is nothing more French or more specifically Parisian, than seating down in a terrace in the city to enjoy a great espresso. Paris has a variety of bars with terraces that adorn the river shores of the Sena, the steep alleys of the Montmartre neighbourhood or the Eiffel tower plaza, synonym of  good taste and elegance, the Parisian terraces are the mundane spot by excellence.

With its own style that is characterized by its location along the sidewalks, around its round tables, always oriented to the streets. The clients will turn into spectators in a theatrical representation which the actors are the passer by.contract parisian chairs

In order to make a terrace adapt to this style so uniform, is essential to use the right furniture. the main piece to achieve this French touch so glamorous and un-doubtable the rattan chair that has become with time in a true Parisian symbol. Elegant, Sturdy, light stackable and confortable, it give a natural touch and a rustic breeze, even under a cloudy and rainy sky . This rattan chair always visually adapts to nature.

Parisian chairs Model IPANEMA  an interesting combination of beige and blue

Measurements 18,89×20,47xh17,71/34,25in 48x52xh45/87cm 48x52xh45/87cm Reference 14401012

Parisian bistro chair BERTIE in an interesting combination of green and beige.

Measurements 18,89×19,68xh17,71/34,25in 48x52xh45/87cm Reference 14401013 


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