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Commercial restaurant furniture, stools and bench made of wood with a natural finish without backrest ideal for the use in restaurant, bars, hotels

Restaurant stool 46,45×13,77xh17,71in 50x35xh45cm Reference 14801001

Restaurant seats

Restaurant bench 46,45×13,77xh17,71in 118x35xh45cm Reference 14801002 

Restaurant bench 62,99×13,77xh17,71in 160x35xh45cm Reference 14801000 

Restaurant seating


To consider decoration and opt for a solution can make any type of business to be on top of your competitors, accustomed to the use of chairs in the hospitality sector, the replacement of these chairs for original wood benches for interior can be a solution to have in mind. To substitute the chairs for benches help the aesthetics of the tables in the venues, at the same time add more diners, specially tables with big surface and commuted tables, where we have benches without backrest, it contributes with a dynamic space that promotes the social relationships of clients.

If you look to promote a relaxed atmosphere or to yield space to host bigger groups, the venues are combining round and square tables with bigger tables, to have stools and benches as an appropriate alternative having in mind the different type of seating is a raising trend.

Bench, stool and chairs of different styles and shapes and colour tones, they fit adequately around any decoration table, to mix different chairs is a popular trend now.

The possibilities increase according to the organization of the space and the great variety of seats, stools, armchairs, bench, sofas, everything is possible to build an harmonic and functional places within the taste of the client. The stools and benches made of wood give warmth to any vintage, industrial, retro, artistic project.


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