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La Voz. A stage with a talent in tune with Francisco Segarra´s aesthetics.


LA VOZ. The most famous singing contest of Spanish television, once again it awakens passion every Friday. The most waited phase of the program arrives after it swept away with blind auditions. The battles come in stronger than ever and for the first time it cou
nts with the collaboration of our vintage furniture brand, Francisco Segarra, for the design of the rehearsal room.

La voz, Authenticity in it pure state.

Without symptoms of exhaustion, the T.V show produced by Boomerang T.V and broadcasted in Telecinco channel, succeeds once again with promising numbers.

The competition, directed by Jesus Vazquez from its beginnings, this year counts with the participation of renowned singers Malú, Juanes, Pablo Lopez and Manuel Carrasco. A sensation quartet to elect the candidates and select and lead their own team.

The success resides in the authenticity. The judges facing back to the stage, judging the voice in its pure state. Real fight in the singing ring to culminate with one live show to proclaim the winner of this fifth edition. Four months of spectacles converted turned in a tribute to singing and to music.

A stage with talent consistent with Francisco Segarra´s aesthetic.

When vintage aesthetic encounters music.

The next musical promises are shaped in an industrial ambience. The most promising pieces of our catalogue, ceded by Francisco Segarra, recreating an artistic, joyful, cosy space.
An artistic space where to tune the first instruments and the first notes echoes. Opening up the emotions, the contestants find their song.

A cheerful place where the affective bond, teacher-student takes shape around a Piano. With all the eyes fixed on their idols, they are instructed with the beat of the tunes.

A cosy room where the verses and chorus armonize. The desire of singing is so strong they liberate and lose their voices. Finally the moment to jump on stage arrived.

In LA VOZ premises a link between music and design is born. With the vintage aesthetic of an authentic set.

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