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Original bar contract tiles FS2

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Contract tiles from the collection Fs of traditional ceramics from our firm Francisco Segarra, created with the collaboration of Peronda ceramics.

Available under request. The available time will depend on the m2 solicited.

Gres tiles, red paste for the use as floor and wall tiles in interior design, according to the latest decorative trends for commercial flooring.

The model FS2 has 9 different graphics. Not design variations but aging effects, They have a precut that simulates the composition of four pieces.

Measurements 17, 71×17, 71in / 45x45cm

Reference Model FS2

Thickness 41,33in / 10,5mm

Contract furniture

Frequently asked questions

Can it be installed in a store, restaurant or commercial venue?

The characteristics of this paving tiles,  FS by Peronda, gives them a resistance that makes them suitable for the use in commercial business as, restaurant tiles, bar tiles.

Can the design be erased from the tiles?

The design of the tiles does not erase with time, the only reason why the design can be affected, is by adding a strong acid over the paving tiles or by  a rough scratch over the surface.

Will the tile break?

The mechanical resistant of the FS by Peronda tile is at least 22N/mm2 which makes them suitable to be installed practically everywhere, if the material is installed correctly, the mechanical resistance will be even greater.


According to the technical building code for the installation of paving tiles in public venues, is necessary that the anti-slip resistance has to be at least Class 1 in flat surface and Class 3 in ramps, Fs products belong all to Class 1.

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