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The Tree House Club. Business & Leisure.


There is so much to see, walking around a Metropolis’s commercial zone, Historic buildings, establishments to be discovered, emblematic stores, shops and charming showcases, urban artist…. Streets with febrile activity and a thriving leisure zone.

Commercial hospitality business

The Concept.

The main artery of a city like a witness of the commercial development, the main focus of history and culture. A bridge between supply and demand. The reflection of a society concentrated in a small street that changes the physiognomy.

The commercial activity beating on the streets, the visual reference of the entrepreneurial net, the visual effect of the exhibitors, the naked soul in its signs, the marquees and protective shades of the consumer goods. A urban landscape in constant development, singular shops, memorable cities. The value of design culture put on value in the street establishments.

The Space.

In the heart of the city, the old crafts don’t want to disappear, among rolls of paper and lead lettering, a skilled pressman cultivates the traditional techniques and perseveres in his modest familiar business. La Imprenta (The Print shop).

While walking, some meters away, a library, a leisure centre, a cultural space… The Tree House Club.Natural landscapes breathing the author´s oxygen, lines, strokes; art and talent. The innate gift of writing stories, sprouts that ramifies.

At some portals away, on the sidewalk where steps are rushed, suddenly our steps stop, a call, the remnant of La Sastreria (The tailoring). Behind granulated glass the details and the exactitude can be seen.

Creations from the workshop, tailor made products made with the strength of pedals and skillful hands. Stitched art liked by the strings of creativity.

From hospitality and leisure businesses, the extensive gastronomic offer is manifested. A loud bar, an endearing cafeteria, a cosy grill or a restaurant for the most demanding palates, the walking route takes us to the last point. La Escultura (Sculpture).

Rumours run across the city, the word of mouth of the unstoppable activity of La Imprenta (The Print shop), improper working hours, nothing is what it seems, something is hidden. The attractiveness of the prohibited. El Clandestino (The clandestine place).

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There is so much to show in nature, coming from an unusual firm. So much that it needs a showroom, an exhibition centre, equally unusual. A space where the back and forth of people is sensed. Pleasant establishments that seduce and encourage consumers. Bars, restaurant, boutiques and alternative venues, a showcase of business opportunities, a centre of ideas. A promotional space exclusively for professionals, a guided visit by the creative talent of an atypical firm. Francisco Segarra.

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