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Tiles for a cutting edge interior. Meats. A restaurant with character and personality.


The satisfaction of our deepest carnivore’s desires. The ability to take a primal instinct and turn it into a whole experience for our palate. A gastronomic philosophy that the new Pirata group restaurant follows… MeATS opened its doors in the city of Hong Kong with a sophisticated aesthetic, at the same time relaxed. Francisco Segarra’s tile collection fascinates on the other side of the continent.

After successful hospitality projects, like Pici and Tokyolima. Pirata Group surprises us with their latest restaurant approach. MeATS and the ¨meat-bar¨concept. Here there are no reservations and the meat is the main player. Traditional cuts and also not so conventional cuts; smoked or on the grill; tender and juicy. The dishes rotate in sharing portions. The glass-fronted kitchen allows us to see the ability and the expert preparation of the Chef, from beginning to the end, a real show for the senses.

Skills and good taste in an exceptional interior design.

A refined and elegant interior design, without intimidation. A space full of details, oriented to be a casual and relaxed environment. A design that emphasises raw materials and rusted pigments. Favoured illumination; tenuous, warm, highlighting hand painted renaissance style illustrations on the wall.

A combination of elements that rest over Francisco Segarra’s ornamented tiles. The aesthetic is consolidated with vintage and eclectic shades. A space that gives off a sense of discovery. The craftsmanship of Samantha Eades interior design studio.

Contract tiles that fascinates. Francisco Segarra’s vintage tiles collection, a true success in Hong Kong.

Porcelanic and gres tiles. The models FS Seattle and FS3, as an ideal combination for this project. A collection of vintage tiles, based on original design from past decades. Durability and realism, as the main strengths of the finish process. A meat lover’s sanctuary with tiles that reach success and international acceptance.

MeATS, a tempting concept, with a design that outstands from the rest. Pirata Group, a true referent in hospitality sector in Hong Kong, Samantha Eades, Melbourne Design Awards winner… and the aesthetics of the tiles, designed by Francisco Segarra, creates another successful interior design project with character and personality.

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