Decadent furniture

For decorations with a neglected look and enigmatic beauty

The decadent decoration proposes careless looks, they combine well with recycled furniture that they don’t hide they´re old appearance like with designers pieces or modern manufacture.

Unused forgotten spaces, are appropriate for the creation of interior design commercial projects, venues and restaurants to the decadent style, it doesn’t need big renovations because it takes advantage of the aesthetics conditions.

interior design projects decadent style


The imperfection gains value. The walls reflect deterioration, cracks, humidity, diverted wall papers and irregular finishes are characteristics of the style that provoques and attract but not the anything goes. These spaces precise of one well cared selection of furniture to give the a refreshing touch an not make it so dramatic.

Antiques and used pieces like old sofas or belongings with ripped fabrics that fit with these style that provoques sensations and attracts those that appreciate the charm of the places in semi-abandoned , hit by the passing of time.

The broad catalogue of Francisco Segarra furniture counts with recuperated pieces, pieces with legacy of past decades, and also recent manufactured  furniture with aged look, with decaying style for a daring decoration of great beauty that marks style and turns into a forefront  trend.

Bold decoration that combined with good taste and material like the silk and velvet creates spectacular environments, sophisticated  and forefront. Decadent decor with glamour.

For decoration with careless looks with an enigmatic beauty that gives out Fs style.

dacadent style furniture