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FS furniture as tools, in service of creativity and originality, MasterChef 5.


The new edition of the most famous culinary show in TV has started with promising numbers. MasterChef 5 broadcasted in RTVE and produced by Shine Iberia, with more than 2, 5 million viewers during the premier. With a screen rating, reaching 16,7%, the show became the most watched show on Sunday nights.

Once again, Francisco Segarra´s collaborated by lending pieces from the furniture and accessories catalogue, ideal for restaurant interior design and part of the decoration. A small contribution that we are proud and it make us feel part of that success.

With longing and illusion, we have met the candidates, they should show their talent cooking in adverse conditions in front of a demanding jury, consisted by Samantha Vallejo-Naguera, Pepe Rodriguez y Jordi Cruz.

To elaborate the best dishes, nothing better than a unique and artistic space, that favours the imagination and the creativity for candidates.

Inspiration and art for a unique restaurant.

ULIA LOUREIRO ISHI-KAWA, Master Chef’s Artistic director over the last years, she got deeply involved in the design of the set, with a fresh breeze of spring in a sensational set up that takes the patio aesthetics to a cosy indoor restaurant.

It is a privilege for our firm, to know first-hand that the aesthetics and designs that Francisco Segarra defends is just another working tool for them.

The result is a reflection of his talent, the exceptional curriculum that let us sees the hard work of investigation that joins aesthetic and sustainability.

Just like a greenhouse, nature takes over the decoration, there is vegetation all around purifying the air and the environment, which counteracts with the artificiality of the set. The wooden quadroons skirting situate us in an old villa home from the turn of the century.

A patio, a greenhouse, an old villa home, an inspiration that resides in the multicultural world of ULIA Loureiro Ishi-Kawa.

Francisco Segarra´s furniture to crate the wanted ambience.

The link between concepts is favoured by a firm with design culture.

Lamps braided by hand and the scoured wood pieces, done with traditional techniques and natural materials. Exterior chairs and tables come out of their context and incorporate in the interior design spaces that pay tribute to nature.

The accessories become rigging and the bar table into a rusted work bench. The antique robust and resistant furniture give character and personality to this space.

Lights and shadows blur trough the sunset blue and natural green. A play of colours that evokes the sun´s downfall and it complemented by the intense colours of the wicker  lamps by the designer Alvaro Catalá de Ocón.

A patio, a greenhouse, an old villa home… A representation that joins the talent of both worlds.

The decoration of the new MasterChef 5 restaurant, dazzles due to the quality of the design and the special attractiveness. ULIA LOUREIRO ISHI-KAWA proves one more time her insatiable talent and her gift to turn magical and endearing.

Francisco Segarra´s furniture shows his capacity to mould to any type of environment, giving the required veracity for those ephemeral spaces in television.

Congratulations to the MasterChef Team for the excellent work achieved, for seducing us with this new edition that guarantees fun and emotion.

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