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Decorative panels for wall and ceiling

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Decorative wall and ceiling panels to be used for interior decoration of the hospitality industry, in restaurants, bars, hotels as contract decorative panels, cover surfaces with originality and character. make sure to differentiate your business from others, be the spotlight of your industry worth a simple installation of wall and ceiling panels.

Francisco Segarra has a broad catalogue of decorative ceiling panels, choose over a broad selection of wall panels, antique silver panels, metal rusted panels.

Embossed metal panels, Dark tone, Reference 13101057

Embossed metal panels, Light tone, Reference 13101062

Sold in boxes of 5 pieces.

Metal wall panels for hospitality industry

Metal wall panels ideal to decorate walls, ceiling, side bar…

Commercial decorative wall panels 31,49×31,49in 80x80cm Box of 2 pieces. Reference 13101055

Contract accessories for restaurants

Reference 13101056

Contract wall panels


Antique Wall and ceiling panels 9 Compositions.

94,48×94,48in 240x240cm

Reference A-STYLE 13101073

Contract ceiling tiles

Reference B-STYLE 13101074

commercial decoration panels

Galvanized metal Wall panels, with irregular and aged textures. These Victoria style panels, is an interesting option to decorate walls and ceilings , ideal for interior design Projects, renovations that need an important change without the need of important reforms.

The Victorian age, extended between 1850 and 1875 and is characterized by the order and the cult to the ornamentations. Ornamented ceilings were popular in the refined homes and commercial spaces, the conservation of the original ceilings due to the lead paint so common in that time.

Other than ornamental function, it also served to maximize the efficiency longer.

It can be put in a uniform way or combining the different designs in a random form.

Sold in boxes with 11 pieces  that cover m2

Its irregulars finish and aged surreal textures, make of these metal sheets an interesting option to cover wall and ceiling.

Galvanized metal wall panels 12,20×12,20in 31x31cm

Victoran metal plates witpainted designs. 12,20×12,20in 31x31cm 



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