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Wooden decorative wall panels

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Wooden slats as decorative panels, in different combinations, painted and scouring and cut in form of slats.

A manufacturing process that gives each piece a unique aesthetic, depending on the combination of the original colours. Made of Taube Wood.

Wooden slats Large 54,33×14,96xh1,96in 138x38xh5cm Reference 10201074

Wooden slats Small 37,40×14,96xh1,96in 95x38xh5cm Reference 10201075

Decorative wood slats

Decorative wood panels 19,68×19,68xh1,18in 50x50xh3cm 07101447

Metal panels

Commercial decorative panels 39,37×1,57xh39,37in 100x4xh100cm Reference 10001154 


Contract furniture Decorative wooden panels



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