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Exclusive scenarios to live a dream. The ideal decoration for great events.


A place with an incomparable and unique cultural wealth, an exclusive and personal celebration. To plan, organise and make dreams come true, a real love story… The third edition of the weddings and celebrations fair has come to an end, in the historic Nules market, CELEBRA by Trendy Family. Our ringmaster… Los Sueños de Nona and Francisco Segarra´s aesthetics, the colophon of great events.

A new scenery to promote culture, leisure and commerce, with Francisco Segarra´s singularity

An exhibition, a market, a pop up… CELEBRA by trendy family, the charm of all ephemeral and unrepeatable events. A singular showroom, a display of ideas and trends, the contact with the local business through the discovery of singular products and services. All the necessary items for those unforgettable moments, sheltered by the modernist architecture of an exceptional location. The municipal Nules market, as the meeting point for culture and leisure, an ideal autumn weekend.

A dream scene, an encounter to make your dreams true. Plan, organize and celebrate a great event. Dreams, aspirations and desires… to feel Los Sueños de Nona.

¨ I still in love with your furniture, full of life experiences¨. Elsa Heredia Cortes.

Furniture full of life, memories and experiences, our day to day. To stand out, pamper and surprise; creating elegant idyllic themed surroundings, Elsa´s  everyday life, her sweet character wraps us every time she visits, asking us to be part of her world. The art of decorating, the capacity to create a legendary atmosphere, design, details… her virtues and qualities. With contract furniture that escapes the common, favouring those atypical spaces with our small contribution.

The premises, a stand, a fantastic decoration… details on a large scale.

To live in first person, a real luxury for Elsa.

¨The fair, the warmth and the colours of the exposition, the dedicated public and above all, the emblematic municipal market, that generates that special sensation.

The decoration transmits a home feeling, warmth, for contagious autumn/winter events.

The magic of those colours to the light of the candles, many candles. Pumpkins, Ochre, gold, brown and greyish green, matching perfectly with the wood and metals that make up Francisco Segarra’s furniture.

Golden, copper and a rain of light that gives a Christmas touch, just around the corner; another reason for the selection of tableware that I used for the table.

Ochre, pineapples, pumpkin, wood and many season flowers, it’s what I always recommend in my events; to squeeze the essence of each station to create different environments.¨

Country homes, bodegas, Hotels with charm… Unique places, rich landscapes surroundings. Unedited and spectacular, when it comes to ¨I do¨. Corners to set the scene… Tables to celebrate, tableware, glassware, vintage furniture, seats with much style.

The singular attractiveness of a firm, Francisco Segarra. Commercial furniture to enjoy those unique and unrepeatable moments.

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