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Metallic exhibitor, baskets and pots

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Exhibitor accesories for interior design projects like window dressing, displays, store and restaurant decorations. commercial equipment for interior decoration.

The metal exhibitors Lanin are multipurpose, ideal to expose store articles, they can be used as original pots, commercial props or containers for sauces and spices in restaurants, bars and cafeterias.

Small metal exhibitor model Lanin 5,90×5,51xh5,11in 15x14xh13cm  

Reference Red 15901059/ Green 15901060/ Blue 15901061/ White 15901062/ Brown 15901063

metal exhibitors restaurants fs furniture

Large metal exhibitor model Lani 1062×5,11xh5,11in 27x13xh13cm

Reference Red 15901054/ Green 15901055/ Blue 15901056/ White 15901057/ Brown 15901058

restaurant metal exhibitors fs furniture

Set of decorative large baskets Pool. 20,07×15,59xh6,29in 51x32xh16cm

White 08001358/Green 08001359/Grey 08001360

Contract furniture FS

Set of decorative small baskets, Pool. It comes in different size and colour.

White 08001361/Green 08001362/Grey 08001363

Contract furniture FS

Set of 3 Metal exhibitor baskets or flower pots Reference 08001250 

Large 12,99×12,99xh11,02in 33x33xh28cm/ Medium 11,81×11,81xh9,44in 30x30xh24cm /Small 10,62×10,62xh8,66in 27x27xh22cm

Not to be sold separately

Pots, exhibitor basket francisco segarra

Rolling pot Serpa with handle 15,35×12,59xh17,32/30,70in 39x32xh44/78cm

White 08001282/ Green 08001283/ Gray 08001284

rolling pot francisco segarra

Metal mesh tray 17,71×15,35xh3,93in 45x39xh10cm Reference 08001251


Metal mesh tray fs furniture

Exhibitor trays,  multiple purpose Model Aberin 12,20×8,66xh3,14cm Reference 08001312

Contract furniture

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