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“Maestros de la costura”.Francisco segarra’s furniture contribution to fashion industry


Spinning dreams, embroidering stories. Sewing arrives to our screens with a new talent show that gathers sewing geniuses to submerge us in a world of couture and fashion design. The shop of “Maestros de la Costura” is about to open its doors today at 22:30 in channel 1. The apprentices are ready and Francisco Segarra’s furniture are part of the decoration. ! Tonight, the show begins!

Maestros de la costura. A tribute to couture and fashion design.

Fabric artisans, to the sound of the sewing machines! After a successful casting that gathers more than 10,000 fans, 12 candidates will come into play to become the first couture master of Spain.

The talent show, produced by RTVE in collaboration with Shine Iberia, will be broadcasted in channel 1 TVE, each Monday at 22:30hrs. Presented by Raquel Sanchez Silva. The apprentices will show their thimble skills in a series of challenging tests. Patch, tailor, transform, design… and much more!

Creativity and passion for the trade. Two fundamental apprentice’s characteristics, that will have to prove in front of an exceptional jury, made up by Maria Escoté, Lorenzo Caprile and Alejandro Palomo.

Among patterns and fabrics, Francisco Segarra’s furniture joins the fashion industry.

We can sense the sound of the stitches… the set has turned into a true couture shop. 12 places await their apprentices, with all the required material to manufacture the best designs.

A decoration in tune with the show that will host the apprentices during all their lessons. In every corner we can perceive the vintage aesthetics. With character and personality, Francisco Segarra’s furniture join this creative surrounding. A new collaboration that evidences the essence of a brand that defends a style that gains ground with a steady step.

An entertainment show produced by RTVE in collaborations with Shine Iberia, looking to recuperate the interest for those traditional trades, and give relevance to the textile and fashion industry of Spain. A relevant purpose that we are pleased to join with much hope. Couture as a form of art, the time has come to gather fabrics and string rolls to pay them a small tribute.

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