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Presentation of new FS. Floor and wall tiles in CERSAIE 2016


Francisco Segarra attends to Cersaie, hand to hand with the well-known Spanish firm Peronda Ceramics that in each edition, surprises the prestigious international congress with two new spaces and a Leitmotiv that revolves around the Japanese culture.

A Stand design to Strike the fair . ¨A little piece of Japan¨

A journey through the most significant concepts of the Japanese traditions that takes over the ¨Pop Up¨ concept, ideal for the unique installations that allows to renew the content and the continent in each season.

In this occasion, the exterior is manufactured in recycled cardboard that takes us to the traditional Japanese streets, including the access to the stand through a significant ¨Tori¨. In the interior, a Japanese garden awaits for us in the middle of blooming season of the cherry tree, work of the Empaper art studio and different spaces that represent the Japanese life, like the Onsen (Public bathroom), The Irori ( Country home) or the representative Izakaya (Traditional tavern).

Peronda bets for a new exposition concept that has the new pieces of the collection FS by Peronda in the back of the stand, where the scenography transports us to an authentic Fish market tokiota. This area is an exclusive project of Francisco Segarra for Peronda and recreates the most famous environment of fish auction.

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The event will take place in the exhibition center building in Bolonia, Italy from the 26th to the 30th of September. Is the biggest international ceramics exhibition, with more than 176 000 m2 of exposition, for those professionals of the sector coming from all five continents, Cersaie is the inexcusable place to show and exhibit the latest trends, being also a perfect place to establish fruitful commercial relations.

An ephimeral project with the importance of the firm FS.

Leaded by Francisco Segarra and directed by Jose Péris, this project is inspired in the Japanese fish market Tsukji, a big place of wholesale situated in the south, where most of the fish of the country is processed,  place where merchants mix wholesale and particular sell, also food with fresh ingredients from the sea by many restaurants located around the place.

A concept that goes further than the common seen, it reflects to perfection the creativity and the art of our FS decoration and furniture firm.

Francisco segarra Cersaie

To obtain the port installations of the place and be able to transport us to the other side of the continent, our shop took care of the details to the minimum, ship containers, beams, big windows, signs and all type of props and lettering needed to have an accurate finish. This is a peculiarity of Francisco Segarra , to approach the most ephemeral projects with the same meaning of the other FS projects that last in time, knowing the importance of the brand.

At this time the assembly work is taking place in the CERSAIE stand, we trust that it will be one of the most original, capable of transmitting FS own sensations , because of the intrinsic nature of the project, protecting the premiere, we can upfront some 3d graphics of what it would be materialized on the 26th of September of 2016.

¨Intangible vocabulary surrounds the cold space. Omnidirectional Loading and unloading, frozen tunas transit the freezing place. The price of the catch, The food chain.

The Tsuki market rules the orderly chaos, the pass of time tightens the prices.

Among lazed wood beams and precarious stands the unfolding cutting of the red gold.

The merchandise is unloaded in the pier , thereupon the most wanted pieces are auctioned, to be cut on the shops. This ritual finishes in the surrounding canteens; the best sushi in the world is served there, fresh, juicy and unrepeatable.

Hooks, scales, bags, boxes and more boxes.  Everything moves, everything dances to the beat of the random norms of the of the supply and demand.

Japanese graphics inform and mislead the passer-by, eyes get lost between the piled boxes, naked tunas, avenger saws that break apart unique pieces…. Everything changes, everything transforms in ¨Tsukji market¨. (Jose Péris)


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Francisco segarra Cersaie 2016

The fusion between the tile firm and the vintage interior firm of Francisco Segarra, always resulted a success, like the nomination as a finalist shows, of the renowned Restaurant & Bar design awards. To join creativity and strength with Peronda Group, a relevant firm in the tiles sector, make of this collaboration a rewarding experience.

Stand Located in HALL 15 E7 F8

Francisco Segarra in Cersaie

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