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Francisco Segarra’s unusual showroom in Madrid, flirts with the fashion industry.


A devotion for fashion, an intense desire to know the latest trends, the admiration for new proposals of the famous design studios… A scenery with Fashion criteria. Hand to hand with the recognised Spanish model Eugenia Silva, also the current blogger Natalia Cabezas, Francisco Segarra’s signature store in Madrid, jumps to coating paper.

A dissimilar showroom, Francisco Segarra’s concept store… a shop with a place for every story.

A business with a soul. A showroom with personality. The essence of street markets; it’s signs, it’s books, it’s unique objects, it’s lived objects… this is Francisco Segarra’s store in Madrid. A corner for lovers of a rich past. For !Hola! Fashion, a piece of Paris in the middle of ¨El rastro¨ in Madrid.

Our Temple for vintage pieces in an edition with Parisian tones. From the highest point of her career, Eugenia Silva; since the origins of her trajectory, Natalia Cabezas. They both step into our home to takes us deep into fashion territory.

Model, entrepreneur, influencer… Eugenia Silva, a successful pioneer, a true iconic referent of styles, she is in our tops in the country. Also our star collaborator in! HOLA! Fashion publication. Eugenia&Co. a section that reflects her discoveries in the world of fashion. Besides her, a volcano of positive energy, a sensation in the social networks; Natalia Cabezas in a bohemian pose.

Two women that make a difference. Together, in our showroom, they find a proper place for confidentiality.

A strategic place for great fashion firms.

Two experts in fashion, one consecrated, the other, an authentic promise. An outstanding publication that collects the best of fashion and love magazines. An unusual and inspiring space… a call for the great design firms.

Current topics, trends, glamour, style. !HOLA! Fashion. Much more than fashion and lifestyle. Proposals by great creators. Parties, social events, it girls and celebrities of the moment. The best of the fashion world with difference.

Their great success, their graphic brilliance. More than a complete lecture, the publication entertains and suggest, giving priority, taking care of the editorials. It’s about stories… stories through images.

¨Ideal looks for a stroll around the fashion capital. A stop in the mythical cafes in Paris, the time for a long conversation, a rest for our pets…¨ in this beautiful frame, we recognize our space.

In Francisco Segarra we always believe in our common causes, in the collective creativity. Approaching joint actions and also making other peoples challenges and objectives into ours, this s part of our selves. Someone else’s proposal is our call to action. Our spaces, our furniture, our passion… in service of everybody. Congratulations to all the team.

Completion: EUGENIA SILVA & THE CREW. Photographer: VALERO RIOJA.




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