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Francisco Segarra’s showroom, a small fortress full of treasures in Madrid.


Francisco Segarra’s small fortress in Madrid, a stronghold for the retro-chic… more naive style. Laughs, spontaneity, camaraderie. A chameleonic showroom. A relaxed environment, a halo to an old school. The debut of Bass 10, the new trendy brand in El Corte Ingles, in CharHadas Magazine.

Francisco Segarra’s aesthetic is schooling everyone.

The headquarters of our cult pieces. A business with artistic vocation, full of faraway experiences. A measured place where to look into the past and love the vintage aesthetics. This is our meeting point in the capital city of Spain, with the passion of antique objects, street markets and singular decorations.

Even in the middle of the famous Madrid’s street market, our brand stands out. An establishment full small treasures with its own histories and names. It’s also a place to find art, fashion trends. The background curtains for the retro-chic relaxed style that the firm Bass 10 proposes in its autumn/winter campaign.

The voluminous red velvet curtains of theatres, wear down floors from so much walking, a pile of old chairs…oxford shirts, school jerseys, overalls, sneakers… a nod to the old classrooms in the this charming post about the enchantment of an old school.

A true asset for the best Made in Spain fashion, the biggest international firms and the best online shops. Our small contribution to the mini universe of CharHadas Magazine.

To dress and decorate. Fashion in a big way for small kids.

To face the challenge of being a mother, becomes simpler with sharing ideas, tricks and questions. It offers information, thoughts, and useful tips, this is how this social network for mothers and kids, gained notoriety.; with viral and printed editions.

To transmit a maternity idea, positive, fun, active. It’s the main objective of the first and biggest support community of maternity matters. A true referential icon, a publication for optimist and fun mothers.

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