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Francisco Segarra in Kiev, due to its success on tiles design.


Francisco Segarra returns to Kiev, expectant of the good reception, after his participation as a spokesperson in the event sponsored by Peronda Group and Agromat; its capital city distributor, it´s also the biggest city in Ukraine.

An ode to design and architecture; Trends and Inspiration.

The vintage lining tiles from the collection designed by Francisco Segarra, is liked by many in east Europe. The permanent innovation in his designs and the manufacturing that starts with sustainable process makes it a referent mark in the Spanish tile sector.

Tiles trends speakers in Kiev

Like an accomplice to our philosophy, contest, seminars and event organizer are included in the range of activities made by Agromat to commercialize the Tile collection FS by Peronda. Also a trip to Peronda´s manufacturing facilities. A guided tour that normally includes a stop in Francisco Segarra´s showroom, starting point for the tile design. To know the latest tiles and furniture collections and to be updated about international trends as a valuable learning for architects, interior designers and decorators from Kiev that visit our country.

Francisco Segarra among the greatest talents in architecture.

¨Architect´s Day¨ A session that requires outstanding proceedings, a day that unites the most talented architects and designers of our times. More than one thousand people with alike taste and concerns.

¨Architecture Dialogue 2017¨ presented as a unique conference; Speakers: Ali Karde, Vlad Goldakovsky, Francisco Segarra.

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The moderator Alexey Liúbetskiy, spoke about architecture´s roll in our times and presented the participants:

The young architect from Turkey Ali Kardes spoke about the creation of his emblematic projects, like the international airport Boryspil among others.

The talented architect from Kiev, Vlad Goldakovsky; revives the debate with a brilliant conference where he revealed the keys to conceptual design 4.0 to board effectively the space problems in different environments and how to involve clients in his decision.

The charismatic Spanish designer, Francisco Segarra, known for promoting his particular vision of the vintage aesthetics, passing frontiers, connecting with the past and the resent in all his creations. In front of the expectation generated by his ceramic designs, he stated his believes and his life philosophy, shared his professional experiences and captivated the savant public in his forty minutes of presentation, revealing his dance with inspiration.

Politicians and Personalities attended that night celebrated in Fairmont Grand Hotel where they had the pleasure to meet Francisco Segarra in person. With the different cultures in the background, he signed some books from his first edition New Furniture & Interior Design Vintage.

¨This trip to Kiev has been gratifying. To lecture in this conference, due to it great acceptance these FS tiles by Peronda had in this country. The same way it has been a really interesting experience to be able to share impressions with the best of Kiev´s architects and designers. Hope to return very soon!¨

Politicians and illustrious personalities attended that night in the Fairmont Grand Hotel where they had the pleasure to meet Francisco Segarra. With different cultures in the background , he signed some of his first book. New Furniture & Interior Vintage.

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