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The fascinating interior design of Nº5 Madrid project by Francisco Segarra


A world of magic, dreams and illusions arrive to the leisure of Madrid in Ponzano 47 along with the interior design team of Francisco Segarra. They have taken the inspiration of the famous French filmmaker Georges Méliès, famous for developing technical narrative advancements in the cinematography business. The interior design team of Francisco Segarra gives life to Nº5 Madrid.

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The inspiration is the starting point in the design and execution of the interior design project of Nº5 Madrid

Thanks to his ability to manipulate and transform the reality is remembered as a ¨movie magician¨.

In the theatre Robert Houdin let go of his great imagination, each night prepared illusionism shows that make children and adults dream. In 1903 he retired from the movies, after going bankrupt he seem obligated to sell all his property, his studio and controllers, even after being destroyed in a fire after an anger attack. A collection of 500 negatives were destroyed.

Almost not having where to lay dead, he worked in a small toy kiosk in Montparnasse. A good place where to think after a hard life full of sacrifice.

In the toy store he was recognized by Léon Druhot, a Journal-movie director, he rescued him from being forgotten…  that casual encounter was his rediscovery that took him to the Gala Méliès celebrated in 1929 in the Pleyel hall where they could show 8 of his movies saved miraculously.

The decaying aesthetic, the deconstructed spaces… identifying marks of the brand Francisco Segarra.

A decaying shop, a toy store with backroom aspects and full of prop objects. An eclectic paradise an a scenography inspired in the movie ¨The imaginaries of Doctor Parnassus¨ but overall a trip to our childhood, full of illusions and romantic dyes.

We get immerse in a fascinating shop, gadgets that makes us dream and evade the reality that shines the world of our dream, carousels, rocker arms…

A decaying doll house, pinballs on the walls, destroyed objects by its use pending to come back to life in the toy box, scraps of an old damaged toy train, a toy hospital waiting room. A game between the real and a imaginary world.

At first sight from the exterior, the facade with green tones tiles and sheet metal, it reminds us to the aesthetics used in the Nº5 venue in Castellon, this is his predecessor and with that a certain aesthetics relationship has been kept. In this case the metallic details are articulated around the golden tones, big rivets and proper elements of antique toys.

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Designing an attractive, functional and coherent space with our brand

After going through the main hall in the venue, the rectangular floor, longed and narrow. Its structure divided in three parts, the entrance zone, the elevated dining room and the kitchen zone, that incorporated a service bar. Continuous flooring with our tiles collection designed by Francisco Segarra, the model Damero, also present in the establishment of the Castellon city capital this three cohesive parts generate fluidity and harmony.

The entrance zone, an interaction space between the diners thanks to the high tables, designed and manufactured exclusively  in Francisco segarra´s shop, the area is directly communicated with the exterior and the light that comes in from the outside, a place inspired in spaces where the toys were repaired that’s why the elements reminds us to tools, the jacks, riveted boards, and a carpenter table. The doll house half way done, the pile of tricycles, pinballs… the general aesthetics in the zone is the industrial, where the metal in contrast with the wall papers of the entrance zone and the windows, the brick wall shown, softened with soft colours paint. This zone has a carousel as a crown and giant lamp that contributes to round up this magic toy store space.

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Interior design fs

Creating  unique spaces with singular projects. Creating experiences with cared details.

As the client goes inside the venue, the unlevelled floor indicates that you’re going through the first zone, more formal, the dining room where to enjoy a unique culinary experience, more intimate and personal. A furnished space with antique tables from our furniture catalogue , recuperated wooden and metal chairs, that gives a feeling of home, but without losing the rogue touch, present in the elements like the golden toy lamps, the rocker arm that acts as a railing, or the train wagon that brings light from the light patio to the furthest part of the venue.

In this zone there are elements purely graphic, like the cutting figures, they contrast with the most rational elements, taken from the first version of Nº5, the trims in the roof, the bar and the background with the wood slats and golden sight holes, in this case converted in original service hatches.

Interior design fs

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Towards the end of the venue it turns longer, narrow and darker, this shape has been used as an advantage because it gives the ideal form for an old wagon that is turned in the bathroom. Its metallic structure with soft illumination and walls with old mirrors, it gives a great visual amplitude of the space, it flows almost perfectly with the most glamorous golden touch.

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To distance ourselves from the norm, staring from the design of gastronomic spaces where the personal implication dictates and the identity that impregnates the space, this is the design line of our firm, Francisco Segarra with projects like Nº5, we bet for an interior design that wraps the leisure moments and turns it in participants of history.

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