Obtain professional rates

Registry for professionals, companies and freelancers.

If you are a professional, business or freelancer, you can make the registry and obtain professional rates .

Once completed the formulary that you will find in the REGISTRY situated in the upper part of HOME or Click here.

Once given all completed fields, click REGISTER then a message in the screen will indicate that the registry has been a success.

You will receive an email verification, and should wait that our personnel verifies the data given, following  a second email will be received confirming that you already a user of Francisco Segarra website and can access to the professional rate through the IDENTIFICATION section situated in the upper part of the HOME.

Our verification of data team works from

Monday to Friday 9:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 18:30

Or you can contact directly with the registry department in the following telephone

+00 34 676 760 662


  • ERROR: wait to receive by email the indication that our password is operative.

This error is produced in case that you try to identify without  your user being confirmed.

  • ERROR: the name and user already exist.

Go back to the section of name and user and choose another one.

  • ERROR: The email already exist.

This error can be produced when the program detects that is already registered go to the IDENTIFICATION department and make the password recuperation.


If you forgotten your password to access Francisco Segarra, in the IDENTIFICATION section, situated in the upper part of HOME, you will find a selection box to recuperate the password, introduce your email address and select a new password.