Cafe chairs, Madeira

Cafe chairs made with sturdy materials, wood and metal. Recommended for hospitality use.

14,96×16,92xh17,71 in.
38x43xh45/80 cm.
Reference 13601007

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Danish modern furniture Naiara

This contract chair is made of a mango wood structure, combines vintage danish style from the 50´s.

Reference 11301032

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Commercial rattan chairs Nashville

Commercial rattan chairs with an elegant design, they are comfortable ideal for the hospitality industry.

Reference 15001004

Stock: Available

Contract seating made of rattan Lilian

Contract seating made of natural rattan for the hospitality industry. Black, brown and white.

Reference 18201000/03

Stock: Available

Commercial dining chairs Norwich

Commercial dining chairs with steel structure, with a comfortable cushioned seat with backrest.

Reference 16801024/26

Stock: Available

Forged steel cafe furniture Marsella

These forged steel chairs are linked to a garden aesthetic, with light weight, sturdiness and elegance.

Reference 08001147/52

Stock: Available

Metal coffee shop seating, Bell

Coffee shop seating that is recommended to be used in the hospitality sector, lacquered finish.

Reference 13001004/07

Stock: Available

Forged iron contract chairs, Valdivia

Forged iron contract chairs ideal for interior design decoration. Commercial chair for hospitality.

Reference 08001214

Stock: Available

Original Coffee shop furniture, Dunic

Coffee shop furniture with vintage aesthetics, sturdy but lightweight. Ideal for interior decoration.

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Reference 11701003/23

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Forged iron lobby benches, Akis

Lobby benches with backrest manufactured on forged iron, elegant design of commercial seating.

Reference 08001066

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Iron lobby bench seating, Vau

Lobby bench seating without backrest made of iron and wood with industrial style and original structure.

Reference 08001193/26

Stock: Available

Commercial dining chairs, Fiona

Commercial dining chairs, Fiona. Vintage school type chairs for restaurants, cafeteria, bars.

Reference 17501032/42

Stock: Available

Commercial chair for cafeterias Madison

Commercial chair with industrial aesthetic. Iron structure with a rotary seat, hospitality, retail.

Reference 13601045

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Hospitality rattan chair Savannah

Hospitality rattan chair for reastaurants, cafeterias, bars. Commercial furniture for business.

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Reference 12801005/06

Stock: Available

Rattan restaurant chairs Garret.

Suitable for the hospitality sector,lightweight that makes it easy to carry around the restaurant.

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Reference 18001000/03

Stock: Available

Seats for cafeteria, Vince

Seats for cafeteria with metallic structure, backrest and mango wood slots. ideal for business.

Reference 13601039

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Restaurant seating for sale, Tribeca

Chairs for restaurants for sale with industrial style, tubular structure with perforated backrest and seat.

Reference 11801072/99

Stock: Available

Reclaimed wood shop bench Nissen

Shop bench, manufactured with reclaimed wood and iron structure. It has scoured paint and varnished.

Reference 10201005

Stock: Available

Colourful metal Store bench Agora

Store bench, made of recycled wood with a metal structure, commercial, waiting room bench.

Reference 09601235/56

Stock: Available

Foldable cafeteria chairs Petrona

Foldable cafeteria chairs, recommended for interior design projects, Horeca, hostelry, retail.

Reference 11901218/45

Stock: Available

Leather hospitality furniture. Urca

hospitality furniture, cafeteria chairs upholstered leather seat, chairs for restaurants as professional seating.

Reference 11701012

Stock: sold out

Cafeteria seating with armrest Dres

Cafeteria seating with armrest Dres, made of metal, they are stackable, resistant, sturdy and functional.

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Reference Reference 11401049/56

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Industrial metal chair for Bars, Dres

Vintage metal chair for commercial business in the retail, hospitality sector furniture solutions.

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Reference 11401029/65

Stock: Available

Vintage chairs for business, Dres mat

Chairs for business in the hospitality industry, retail sector. This iconic chair design from the 20´s.

Reference 11401009/28

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Hospitality seats Billana, Jacinta

Hospitality seats made of mango wood structure upholstered in cotton, sackcloth but with soft tact.

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Reference 11801283/85

Stock: Available

New waiting room chairs Alberta

Waiting room chairs and love seats for commercial use, structure of mango wood vintage furniture.

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Reference 11801281/82

Stock: Available

Seats for restaurants Santa Fe

Seats for restaurants with style of chapels chairs of the Victorian era, sturdy and vintage furniture.

Reference 11801280

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Commercial benches, retail. Sakata

Commercial benches Sakata, contract benches for fitting rooms, waiting room and the retail sector.

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Reference 08001382/87

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Rustic restaurant seatings, recycled

Restaurant seating with a rustic style, due to it condition of recuperated chairs are ideal for interior design.

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Reference 1901520

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Foldable metal chairs, Folding Vega

Folding metal chairs for hospitality, restaurants, cafeterias, venues. They are fold-able scissors type.

Reference 08001207/165

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Restaurant patio table, Balcony Toulose

Restaurant patio table, recommended for exterior terrace made in acacia wood, with grey tones.

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Reference 12701002/011.

Stock: Available.

Commercial bench teka wood

Four seat Bench, teka wood & scoured wood seat. Recommended for professional use in business.

Reference 12701023

Stock: Available

Folable commercial bench Elba

Foldable commercial bench, made in teka Wood for exterior area, available in two finishes, wood.

16,53x 118x59xh42/78cm
Reference 12701017

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Restaurant tables and chairs, Capella

Set of chairs and tables, they are foldable, ideal for the use in hospitality, with seat and back rest braided.

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Commercial seat of bamboo Ainara

Commercial Seat, contract chairs , stools and chaise. Manufactured in an artisan form with bamboo canes.

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Reference: 17401000

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Chairs for cafeteria collection Romina

Chairs for cafeterias with a tubular structure, seat and backrest made of laminated wood or in aged leather.

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Reference 17501000/13

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Nordic commercial seats Miriam

Commercial seats, made of white wood, with vertical bars backseat. Nordic reminisce style, luminous white.

Reference 14901001

Stock: Available

Wood restaurant seating Enea

Wood restaurant seating made of white wood, made of simple lines, scoured paint and birch wood.

Reference 14901000

Stock: Available

Chair for restaurant and bars Dana

Chair for restaurant, made in birch Wood, lacquered in white paint with seats made of rope.

Reference 14901019

Stock: Available.

Metal cafeteria chair aged, Thais

Metal cafeteria chairs manufactured with mango wood seat. This bistro style chair is a true classic in hospitality.

Reference 11801278

Stock: Available