Unique bar stool, Berto

Unique bar stools manufactured with industrial aesthetics, Commercial bar stools with rotary seats.

23,62×21,25xh28,74/42,12 in.
60x54xh73/107 cm.
Reference 09801102

Stock: Available
Tall bar stools, Lilian

Tall bar stool, Lillian. Ideal for bar counter tops.Hospitality furniture for your next business.

18,89×20,47xh31,10/44,09 in.
48x52xh79/112 cm.
Reference 18201001

Stock: Available
Bar metal stools, Herber

Low bar metal stools to be used in commercial interior design projects of commercial business.

14,96×14,96xh29,52 in.
38x38xh75 cm.
Reference 08001416

Stock: Available
Tall bar stool

Tall bar stool with rusty finish for interior design. Interior design that requires industrial aesthetics.

16,92×16,92xh29,92 in.
43x43xh76 cm.
Reference 13101015

Stock: Available
Counter height bar stool Nashville

Counter height bar stool made of natural rattan with backrest for interior design projects vintage.

Reference 15001005

Stock: Available
Commercial grade bar stools Agora

Commercial grade bar stool with a tubular structure painted in different colour tones and finish.

Reference 09601431/36

Stock: Available
School furniture stools, Fiona

School furniture stools, vintage seating for interior design as restaurant seating by Francisco Segarra.

Reference 17501034/37

Stock: Available
Industrial counter bar stool, Luka

Counter bar stool for the hospitality sector, restaurant stools, vintage aesthetics and scoured finish.

Reference 17501038/40

Stock: Available
Hospitality counter bar stools Jade

Hospitality bar stools made with cured beech tree wood, seat is stitched with mesh, and wooden backrest.

Reference 11301012/13

Stock: Available
Restaurants counter stool Vancouver

Restaurants counter stool Vancouver made of wood and metal. High bar stools for interior design.

Reference 13601004

Stock: available
Industrial low bar stool Luma

Industrial low bar stool with dark wooden seat and iron structure, this low bar stools are ideal for cafeterias.

Reference 09601097

Stock: Available
Wooden Restaurant stools Stable

Restaurant stools for interior decor vintage bar stools, high bar stools made with a wood similar to oak wood.

Reference 11301001

Stock: Available
Restaurant counter stools Madison

Restaurant counter stools with iron structure, mango wood and rotary seating, for interior design.

Reference 1360145

Stock: Available
Rattan furniture stool Albany

Rattan furniture as stools made of wood and rattan, they are sturdy, ideal for interior design.


Stock: Available
Contract rattan furniture stool Garret

Contract rattan furniture as stools, they come with a metal frame, seats are weaved with rattan.

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Reference 18001004/05

Stock: Available.
Leather vintage bar stools Droll

Vintage bar stools for hospitality sector, with iron structure and footrest, seat upholstered stitched.

Ø15,74xh30,70in Ø40xh78cm high
14,56xh18,89in Ø37xh48cm low
Reference 11801172/79

Stock: Available
Industrial counter bar stools Podium

Counter bar stools with backrest, industrial style mat finish paint, stackable for commercial use.

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Reference 11401011/48

Stock: Available
Counter bar stools wooden, Iris

Counter bar stools with backrest and footrest to be used in hospitality, ideal for bar interior design.

Reference 13601001/02

Stock: Sold Out
Cafeteria stools collection, Romina

High bar stools, with tubular structure, seats and backrest in laminated wood or aged leather.

Reference 17501014/19

Stock: Available
Iron industrial bar stool Aslan

Industrial bar stool, manufactured in iron, backseat and backrest, seat in mango wood, bar stools.

Reference 11801279.

Stock: Available
Restaurant and bar stools Gando

Restaurant bar stools Gando manufactured in Elm wood highly resistance, ideal for furniture.

Reference 11301025

Stock: Available
Wooden low bar stool barbican

Wooden low bar stool barbican, low structure with serigraphy wood legs, leather seat, aesthetics.

Reference 07101219

Stock: Not Available
Hospitality bar stools Tuscany

Hospitality bar stool, low bar stools for commercial use, upholstered with metalic structure.

Reference 11801192

Stock: Available
Upholstered high Bar stools Chelsea

High bar stools Chelsea for hospitality industry with metallic structure, seats, backrest upholstered.

Reference 11801259

Stock: Available
High Industrial bar stools Kenton, Creta, Randy

Industrial bar stools manufactured with industrial design, original design of bicycle pedals and chains.

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Reference 11801207/59

Stock: Available
Bar stools for sale stool Aries

Bar stools fro sale stools Aries, they are made of mango wood, with tubular structure.

Reference 13601014/15

Stock: Available
Hospitality suppliers stool Scala Creta

High bar stool made of iron and leather seats Scala Creta with black structure and stitched seat.

Seat Ø12,59in/Ø32cm Height 29,92
and 31,88in 76 y 81 cm
Reference 11801107/60

Stock: Available
Restaurant supply furniture Masu

Restaurant supply furniture made of metal, industrial bar stool with backrest and foot rest.

Reference 11801090

Stock: Available
New hospitality bar stools Mews

Hospitlaity bar stools with iron structure, legs in cantilever style legs, cushioned with lines.

Reference 11801045/46

Stock: Available
High, low resturant bar stools Seldon

Restaurant bar stools, available high and low height, this industrial bar stools vintage furniture.

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Reference 08001143

Stock: Available
Restaurant counter stool Praga

Restaurant counter stool, with industrial style aesthetics manufactured in aged meta paint.

Reference 08001224

Stock: Available
Original vintage bar stools Javea

Vintage bar stools for commercial use in business projects of interior design with a vintage style.

Reference 11801252

Stock: Discontinued
Industrial bar stools Eiffel, Reno, Daki y Kaa

Industrial bar stools with wooden seat in different colours, shapes and formats. original interior design.

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Reference 11801217/34

Stock: Available
Commercial restaurant furniture Santino

Commercial restaurant furniture, stools and bench made of wood with a natural finish without backrest.

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Reference 14801000/02

Stock: Available
Original commercial stools Tausend

Variety of commercial stools with colourful design cushions (they are sold random) fs furniture.

Reference 08001272/74

Stock: Available
Restaurants low bar stools Totem, Smog, Meco

Restaurant low bar stool ideal for commercial use in business, they are low wooden stools with charm.

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Reference 11901189/31

Stock: Available
New commercial bar stools Archie, Bros

Commercial bar stools furniture for your cafeteria of interior decoration project in hospitality is vital.

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Reference 10301087/71

Stock: Available
Originals retro bar stools Lara

Retro bar stools upholstered in different designs of fabric or polyskin they are high bar stools.
Reference 11001018/20

Stock: Available
Commercial japanese stools Sushi

Commercial japanese stool for restaurants, sushi bars, japanese theme businesses, Asian decoration.

Reference 12701014

Stock: Available
Commercial low bar stools Agora

Low bar stools for hospitality business, with metal frame and recovered wood top, different colours.

Reference 0960123/53

Stock: Available
High, low Restaurant stools Broker, Ruan y Enol

Restaurant stools with foot rest, upholstered in leather over a sturdy metal frame, for business.

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Reference 11801066/94

Stock: Available
Populars retro bars stools Rive, Creta

Retro bar stool with leather and rivets in seat and back rest made over a metal sturdy frame.

Reference 07101146

Stock: Discontinued
Restaurant bar metal stool Creta

Restaurant metal stool with foot and back rest and leather seats, contract furniture solutions.

Reference 11801055

Stock: Available
Industrial metal bar stool Mendel

Industrial metal bar stool made with industriual style, with foot rest, metal frame and leather seat.

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Reference 07101320/64

Stock: Available
High restaurant bar stools Tilton

High restaurant bar stools Tilton with metal frame and wood seat, recommended for hospitality industry.

Reference 07101243

Stock: Available
Original vintage bar stool Veld

Original vintage bar stool made of a metallic structure with back and foot rest everything hand painted.

Reference 08001275/78

Stock: Available
Tall commercial bar stool William

Commercial bar stool upholstered in leather and tacks, available in different colors, recommended for business.

Reference 11301021/22

Stock: Available
Unique restaurant bar stool Yorker

Restaurant bar high stool without backrest with tubular metalic structure, upholsteres in leather.

Reference 118010202

Stock: Discontinued
Rusted industrial bar stools Davy

Industrial bar stools made of metal this industrial metal stool handmade laquered painted.

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Reference 15901067/68

Stock: Available
Industrial design bar stool Draco

Industrial design bar stool with the whole structure, seat and legs made of laquered metal.

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for meausurements

Stock: Available
Metalic low bar stools mod Rigel

Metalic low bar stools with a curved structure with welded and riveted strips of metal.

Reference 10001182/83

Stock: Discontinued
Low metalic stool backrest Sirio

Metalic low bar stool with backrest, its structure is curved with welded and riveted strips.

Ø40xh46/65 cm
Reference 10001155/85

Stock: Available
Industrial low bar stool mod Parma

Metalic industrial low bar stool with footrest and wooden seat and backrest. Handmade aging finish.

Reference 08001228/32

Stock: Available
High bar stools model Parma

High bar stools model composed of a metal frame and footrest, with wooden seat and backrest.

Reference 08001236/39

Stock: Available
Industrial high stools model Isone

Industrial high stools with arm rest made of a robust steel frame with wooden backrest and seat colors.

19,29×18,11xh31,49/42,51 in
reference 09601348/49

Stock: Available
Retro metal bar stools Durham

This retro metal bar stool is upholstered in polyskin and has a stitched cushion and backrest.

Reference 16801014/16

Stock: Available
Retro counter stools model Nordwich

Upholstered retro counter stools with capitone style cushion, over a metalic frame. available in diferent colors!

18,11×19,68xh28,74/40,55 in
Reference 16801011/13

Stock: Available
Retro style bar stool Brighton

Tall retro stool upholstered in polyskin over a resistant metal frame
cushioned with back rest.

15,74×19,68xh28,74/37,79 in
Reference 16801003/05

Stock: Available